Monday, August 11, 2008

What Does it Mean, Amy?

So I have been asked the same question by many people, some are doctors, some are lawyers and some are business executives. No, not really, just a doctor and a photographer and a couple others, but because of my example and it's Monday, which means, Weeds, I felt it amusing to say that. Maybe only amusing to me, oh well. As long as I'm entertained, right?
So back to the point. What does Holla mean? Seriously, quite a few people want to know this, and usually they txt me this question. I have a big problem with txting, the whole 160 characters rule. I just have to much to say to be contained to 160. So I don't know if my shortened explanation makes sense. So I promised to try here. I must say, this is how I and my closest of friends use holla, I am in no way saying it's correct, it's just what we mean. Holla can be used in a variety of ways. The most popular is when someone says something blatantly obvious, like, "Have you seen Silas on Weeds this season? He grew up." What would you say? "Holla." See, Weeds, right? And really, have you seen Silas and his milf (don't ask me about that one if you don't know) girlfriend. Come on. Wasn't he in like 9th grade last season and dating one of those Olsen girls? Back to holla, that is one way. Another is if something is going to be really fun, "I can't wait for that Kid Rock concert." "Holla." I know, those two are kind of the same thing but I felt the need to mention Kid.
So, there you have it. Someone says something that is obvious and you agree with, if you want you can give them holla. If not, don't. What do I care? Sorry, I've been sick all weekend. I finally feel better. This is what I've got.


MarkNYC said...

Amy, you're such a... just kidding. A little inside joke just to amuse myself. Like sister, like brother, Holla. Anyway, a bit of attitude on a Monday morning? Well, if I'd spent the whole weekend sick, I'd have a bit of attitude come Monday morning, too. Right? Holla!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the expla...and i am just about thrilled that i am called the p word.
you rock. holla.


Ms Picket To You said...

i needed that. big time. holla atcha ya.

Amy said...

Mark, Plan B, right?
Jami- You my friend are a Phantastic Photographer. What else would I call you????? The other P word, a Pixie?
Ms. Picket, I needed yours too. Thank you.

Tiffany said...

Holla. I love it. This word just backs be happy. We say it all the time around work.

Great explanation.

Meredith said...

Weeds rocks. And did he grow up. Holla