Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Little Devil

Whenever I see these faces it reminds me of the Paul Simon song, "Loves Me like a Rock" It plays through my head, "Oh my Momma loves me, she loves me, she get's down on her knees and hugs me. Oh she loves me like a rock." I don't know why, I guess cause I love them. These pictures are from Linvilla Orchirds where we went yesterday. I have been going to Linvilla since I was a kid. I have vivid memories of my Mom taking my brother and I there after school. We would play in the hayloft (which I don't think is there anymore). We would play on the big rusty tractors (which are also not there) and look at the animals and pick pumpkins. I like to try and uphold this tradition so yesterday I picked them up after school with some friends and my friend Amy and we all went. They had a great time and Rachel and Hannah and Rachel's sister Erin and her two boys. A big crew. They went on the Witch Hayride and had marshmellows on the fire. It was fun.

When we got home, with the devil still half smeared on his face, Chase asked me if he could get another earring, up further on his ear, maybe a hoop. I said, "Chay, come on, I am trying to let you be you, but you are eight. I have to draw the line somewhere." He kept saying, "But it would look so cool." I didn't cave though, I was proud of myself. He was really trying to wear me down. I ended with, "Ask Daddy." Then made a mental note to make sure Marc tells him no.