Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yes, They're Home

For all of you well wishers, and those of you who are envious that there is not a winter camp in your state. :) My precious angels are home. If I thought I was stupid yesterday, I managed to one up myself today! Yes I did.

After I found out last night I had one more day of freedom my little sweethearts being away, I came up with a whole day full of events. I just KNEW the bus was coming in at 4.00 and it takes about a half hour to get home from there and I wasn't picking them up. So I had the most lovely day. I sure did. At about 3.30 I was putting my groceries in the car from Trader Joe's and I got a phone call from Marc.
"The kids have been home since one. Where are you?" he said.
"Huh? No they haven't." I replied stupidly. Because obviously I know nothing.
"Yes they have."
"Well why didn't they call me? I have no missed calls." I said.
"Saige said she did, like six times. They're at Sarah's now."
Insert me cringing here. Sarah's dad was the one I called Elizabeth and told him the kids were due home yesterday. Now today they try and drop them off and I'm no where to be found.

So I call them. I pick them up. We are not even down the road and my cell rang again. It was Saige's friend inviting her to bowling and out to dinner. Turn the car around to drive in the other direction to drop her off. They're back...

I really need to get it together! Although my friend "Amy with the bangs" told me that she was operating in a world of her own time. Others just hadn't caught on yet. I like that theory.

Thank God in 26 hours it will be '09, cause I'm going to be smarter in '09.
Happy New Year if I don't talk to ya before.

Monday, December 29, 2008

If It Wasn't Attached...

Seriously, I'd just lose my brain. I'd leave it somewhere. I'd forget about it. I'd go looking for it and wonder, "What the hell did I do with that?" "I know I must have had it earlier, cause I have shoes on. They just didn't climb on my feet themselves. But where the hell is it?"

This is how I feel right now. My mind is so cluttered and clogged from the holidays and the year and life that I can't keep anything straight. I thought it was that movie last night that threw me off. I'm thinkin', maybe it's just me in general.

The kids went to winter camp. That's right, WINTER CAMP. It's the best thing invented since...well... I'd have to say, summer camp. Summer camp comes right after boxed wine on God's list of inventions. Winter Camp is actually a brainstorm of such intelligence it sometimes astounds me. Winter's not summer. The pools not open. It's cold (usually, it's kind of nice here now). Winter is so much more of a "I'm bored," time. "Can you drive me? To Ethans? To Victorias? To Amandas? To Trevors? To Sarah's? To Lindsays? To Jakes?" Camp takes all that away. You drop them off, a big shiny bus comes and get's them and their WAY to overpacked duffles and whisks them off to the Chesapeake. Now sure, there is no water skiing or sailing, there is however, camp fires and Winter Olympics and Ropes course and Movie nights and more!

So what am I complaining about? Really nothing except the fact that I just am kind of an idiot at times. I dropped the kids off at the bus and a friend is picking them up with her child. I thought they would be back at 4 today. I've been waiting and waiting. Rushed home to greet them. 4.45 rolled around, not here. 5.15 came and went. I played on the computer. Cleaned. Ate some hummus. Laughed with my brother on the phone. 6.20, not yet. I decided to call my friend and ask if the bus was late. Her husband answered her cell phone, I knew it was him but I still said, "Elizabeth?" Um, hint number one, Amy's not completely with it. The scary part is my friend works for NASA. Me, the yoga teacher is pretty much clueless. "Did she pick the kids up yet?" I asked her husband. Pause. Big pause. "Um, Amy, that's not til tomorrow." "No," I say. "It's the 30th." In a very kind voice I am informed that today is the 29th. How 'bout that? Well, next year, I'll be more with it. There's another resolution. Now I'm up to four. Counting cards is also one of them.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Movies

Most of the year there are not a lot of movies that I "need" to see. I do go to see some cause my kids want to. Usually they're pretty cute. We are past the stage of the really lame ones. The ones that I used to bring my IPod to, is that wrong?

It's usually during the holiday season ( I am so far past the point of saying the Christmas season, I can't even tell you) anyway, that I want to see ALL the movies out. Well, lots of them. I will say, contrary to popular opinion one movie that I don't want to see. And I've heard it's great. Marley and Me. My friend Suzy told me her eyes were puffy from crying for hours after that movie was over. This is what I surmise from that...(only three Mark ;) ), okay, it's a dog movie, it was sad. I'm thinkin' the dog dies at some point. Sorry, I don't want to see that. If pressed to tell the story I would start crying about my dog Buddy who died 5 years ago. I hate sad animal things! I can't stand it. My kids want to see this movie though and honestly, Saige would be fine, Chase is like me, if he goes, I better be with him. You know, so he can comfort me. Like he did the day he made me show him Buddy's ashes and his leash was inside the box. Sorry, train of thought is wandering. I'm going to tell you why.

I can't even think straight. Marc and I went to see 7 Pounds. Not a knee slapper. There were no funny one liners by Vince Vaughn, at no point did Will Ferrell have a funny accent and made me laugh. Not at all. I was confused for the first little bit. Once we figured out what was going on my eyes were at the very least filled with tears, if not running down my cheeks for rest of the movie. This might not be everyone's reaction, I've heard it got bad reviews. It was mine though. It was about love and giving and guilt and resolution. It was about people, they weren't all happy and perfect, they were flawed and heart broken for all different reasons. If you took the time to really think about it, it said a lot. That's why I can't think straight. Now I am going to watch Edtv, cause it's funny and stupid and doesn't require a lot of thought.

Merry Christmas is over for the year. Yay.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pollyanna Lunch

So it started off like every other day. Wake up, get kids to school, go to the gym. It is the Tuesday before Christmas and it was the day of my Holiday lunch with my yoga girls. Yay. That's fun. So three of us start the day off with the gym. While we are working out the craziest of all my friends decides to ask Tracy ( a totally tattooed guy) to come to our lunch. We kind of thought she was kidding and we definitely thought he was kidding when he asked, "Where?" and totally thought he was kidding when she told him it was a gift exchange and he asked, "How much?"

Weren't we surprised when all of us were sitting at the Oriental Pearl with our big pile of presents on the table and Tracy walks in with a present himself. At first he tried to leave the present and leave. We wouldn't let him. So without to much arm twisting he sat down. Seriously, the odder the better for me. Tattoos and piercings are right up my alley. I wasn't quite sure about the rest of them. Tracy is tattooed all over, even on his face. Some might find this odd. I kind of like it. Just like I was fixated on the girl with hot pink hair the other day in HomeGoods. I wanted that hair and if I wasn't closer to 40 (just today) than 39, I just might get it. Not really, but I want it just the same.

Turns out Tracy is one of the most together people we had ever met. He owns four tattoo parlors, he eats no sugar, no carbs, doesn't drink. He knows all about alternative medicine and herbal remedies. He is well versed in the caring and feeding of dogs, travel and a plethora of other information. He was well spoken, kind, funny and intelligent. He totally understood the White Elephant Pollyanna. He knew the rules. He actually picked the most awesome present that Sue (blogger Sue) had given. It was some cool aromatherapy stuff. How fun is that?

So we're thinking we might need a show. We have some serious drama going on between all of us. Our new best friend Tracy just adds to the crazy. And, I'm going to be honest with you, tatttooed head and all, he is way more normal than anyone sitting at that table For real. That's true. You don't even want to know why. Post.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday/Chanukkah

So in the spirit of doing things half assed, while still embracing the multi cultural heritage of the loves of my life, we celebrated Chanukah tonight. We were lucky enough to have Crazy Aunt Jenny with us. So while she and I partook in the liquid celebration of the holiday season, Marc and said angels lit the candles on the menorah. Now, my non-Jewish friends, one might ask where do you get these candles from? Hmmm... Good question, because we lit birthday candles in lieu of the traditional ones. This was all Rite Aid had to offer at 8.30 last night when we remembered it was Hanukkah. Then today, Marc and I went back and forth between who was going to pick them up. It ended up Marc because he had to stop and get Saige an Ugly Doll for her Pollyanna and they were supposed to have them in the store. Whoops they didn't. Day two- Birthday candles.

So Chase had asked for a Mac laptop for Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Groundhog day or YOUR birthday because he is all about the homework. Not. In fact, I'm not sure what he plans on doing with this computer except we can safely say Government files will stay unhacked, there will be no War Games out of our house my friends. Not to worry. I believe he will be more likely found googling 'boobies'.

This being said, candle lighting and Jewish prayers were tier two priority next to the sparkly wrapped present in front of him. He smacked that yarmulke on his cute little pate faster than you can say L'Chiem. He grabbed the lighter like the true pyro he is. He lit the candles, mumbled some prayers, and with that, had at the gift. His parting words were, before he dragged his sister, the computer aficionado, up to his room, "Thanks Mommy!" like I had ANYthing to do with the acquisition of said gift.

It reminded me of the Chris Rock stand up routine when they say kids thank Mommy for everything. Never do they say, "Thanks Daddy for keeping the lights on. Thanks for keeping a roof over my head. Thanks for the food on the table." It's always, "Thanks Mommy for the laptop." But he checked himself before he wrecked himself and gave credit where credit was due. The only part I played in the whole damn laptop was wrapping it. But you're welcome baby. Anything Mommy can do to put a smile on your little cherub face is all the thanks I need.

So in the words of Adam Sandler, for those of you who are Jewish and those who are not, cause you know I'm all about any God you pray to.......

"So drink your gin and tonica, smoke your marijuanica, so much funnica to celebrate Hanukkah!" (When you are the nine-year -old recipient of an Apple Laptop!)


Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Chris Pick

You know I love a good song recommendation so I was so happy this morning when in my mailbox was a nice e mail from Brother Chris with a Youtube video attached. It's a song from a movie. It is from the soundtrack of Bob Dylan's movie, "I'm Not There." My brother says, "With all due respect to Bob, Jim James & Calexico version is better."

After discussion with Lula and some serious time in with Itunes, it is imperative you get the whole soundtrack from "I'm Not There." Totally rocks. It's like 34 songs for $14 a greatl deal. Get out those Itunes gift cards you have and start downloading.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Questionably Funny?

There are many many things I find really funny. A lot of them are just so wrong that sometimes it makes me wonder about myself. The thing is, all my friends seem to find the same things funny. Whether it be the Jesus statue getting stolen out of the little old lady with all those dogs yard or Will Ferrel picturing Jesus as a mischievous beaver (or was that the other guy). Everyone gets it.

Now it's not like my friends are all rocket scientists and Rhodes Scholars. Sure, there is the stray doctor and elementary school teacher in there :). Is this why? Are we all just stupid? Do really smart people laugh every time they see Wedding Crashers? Do those people giggle every time Will says, "I almost numchucked you man?" or when Bon Qui Qui says the blond women bit her? I don't know. I don't know who to ask.

I will say, to add to my questionable adult status... (in facebook speak) Amy is...... loving when her friends write those movie quotations on her wall. Why? It just makes me laugh. I wonder though, do you guys know them by heart or did you have to look them up? There were a couple long ones on there. I was oddly impressed.

Now before I post this I need to go check if I spelled Rhodes right for my Rhodes scholar reference, cause seriously, that would be really dumb. The very least I could do is spell check....one would think.

Entertain me with your funny.
And Chris, no one wants to hear any more Amy Legend. Especially if it has to do with empty soda bottle and half chewed packs of gum!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yay! It's Not A Snow Day!

That's awful right? It's just I'm so happy. I actually feel giddy. Lot's of time's our school makes some questionable calls for snow days. This could very well have been one of them. I teach this morning. It would have been a huge hassle, but guess what? I don't even have to think about it because in 9 minutes I'm going to go upstairs and wake everyone up. Then I'm going to throw some food at them and tell them to, "Get their book bags, get their pledge class and get the hell out of my house." Just like the good old days during pledging. Right Jen? Right Jami? Right Kathy? Remember how much fun that was? Fortunately I was just a reporter, so it didn't really bother me. Except for that pesky little green beanies and some of those bitchier sisters.

Do you know my mom called me during pledging and had a yellow legal pad out with questions to ask me? She didn't want to forget her bullet points. My brother Chris must have been home at the time because he has laughed about this for years.
So my Mom asked me, "Amy, are they making you do anything dangerous?"
"Ummmm.......no?" I said.
Okay, check that off the list.
"Amy, are they making you do anything immoral?"
"Hmmmm... as opposed to the usual college immoral stuff? I don't think so."
Okay, check that off the list.
"Amy, are they making you do anything illegal?"
"Well, I don't think so. We're not counting underage drinking right? If that doesn't count then I guess it's all on the up and up."
Check that off the list.
Three important question.
I love you Mommy.
Okay, school time.
Jen, did you like this?

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Dreaded Holiday Picture.

Last year it was mohawks and tie dyes. I'm comfortable with that. Give me a piercing, a tattoo, a mohawk, any kooky thing seems normal to me. What does not seem normal is for my nine year old son who has always been known as my sweet and precious angel to be so irritable. I bought him a really nice shirt. He hates it. Not only does he hate it, he storms off telling me I'm making it go from, "bad to worse." I tell him to wear whatever he wants, just put a smile on his face. God! Then my little bright light of a daughter (who is not moody for some reason-I know why, I just can't tell) comes bouncing down in the cutest dress with her heels in her hand all ready to go. My ying and yang. They switch rolls all the time. It seems when one is pissy the other stands up for me. The beauty of two I guess. So tonight I am so very thankful for Saige, with her big smile, her freshly washed hair, her sweet little dress and her calming voice. Thanks baby.

I like this cause Mickey is sticking out his tongue. I think it's funny. It's much better than the gagging noise's he is making now. I think my little kitten has a fur ball. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Real Vs. Fake?

What do you think I'm going to talk about in todays Mr. Rodgers discussion? Boobs? Whole schools of thought on that. Me? I don't really care. Real, fake, whatever.

What I'm talking about is..........Christmas trees.

Many might shudder at the thought of a fake one. I know many years ago I did too. At the mention of a "Fake" tree visions of white trees with mauve and colonial blue balls might come to mind.

This is probably because as a child I was never subjected to a fake tree. It was unheard of. I remember going to look for Christmas trees with my Dad. It was a huge deal. Which tree? Did the branches fall right? Did it have any open spaces that would be distracting? How tall was it? Did it smell good? All those things were considerations. Then we would pick one out and strap it on the top of our station wagon and bring it home to decorate it. I remember my Mom measuring out water with sugar in it and pouring it into the tree stand with a measuring cup. I was delighted by every decoration that came out of the box that they had carefully been placed back in the year before. Every gingerbread house and gingerbread man and the pretty balls and the balls with birds and the birds that sat on the branches. Each one was ingrained in my memory, year after year.

So it's probably odd that I have a fake one. I tried a real one, a couple times. I'm going to tell you, to me, it was a big huge pain. The needles falling off, it inevitably tipped quite a few times and the water spilled out and stained the rug. I never seemed to get it out of the house at the right time. All the neighbors trees would be picked up on "tree taking day." Ours sat there for weeks. Until, finally at some point someone would drag it from the curb and throw it in the woods behind our house. Dead trees. Makes me cringe.

Here enters my Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I love this tree. I bought it like 7 years ago. It lives in my basement. Every Black Friday I drag it in three separate pieces up the stairs. I put it together like a puzzle. I string the lights. It never tips over. I only let ornaments that are Santa Claus go on it. I love it. This year the kids wanted to decorate it. They loved the ornaments. They talked about ones they remembered. Chase broke a ball while having a catch with it. They had fun. They did say, after the last candy cane had been put on, "Mom, some year can we get a real tree?" Insert me smiling and nodding while thinking, "No."

I'm pretty sure when they are adults they will have the biggest real Christmas trees they can buy. Someone will mention fake trees and THEY will roll there eyes and say, "No way!"

Maybe a little real one, we'll see......

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is the same old story, but it's what I've got today. This is the thing. You're a kid. You watch your Mom do all the stuff around the house and you don't really think about it that much. Even when she says, "Clean your room," or something like that. I don't believe there is much thought that goes into it. It's an eye roll and tossing a couple pieces of clothing in the laundry basket (for her to wash, dry and fold) maybe you take those water cups down to the kitchen, you certainly don't put them in the dishwasher. That would be crazy. Just set 'em on the counter, she'll get 'em. You know, your Bitch.

When your kids are little instead of those silly "Makin' Music" classes and Gymboree, I think a little, "Clean Up After Yourself" class would be a gold mine. You know, you could rent one of those big rooms and instead of putting things to climb on you could put folded laundry and drawers, or dishes and a dishwasher or trash and a trash can. You could point out that the trash actually goes in the trash can. Not on the table. This is a concept that is hard for my sweet adorable almost ten year old son. He unwraps a piece of gum and tosses the wrapper down, pretty much wherever. I can't tell you how this annoys me. You know, we don't have enough to do but pick up everyone else's junk.

I am listing the things I don't understand. Yes I was a kid and a slob, but that's over now. I'm the Mom, and, I. Just. Don't. Get. It.

1. Why do you throw your shoes directly in front of the door we are walking in? Is it because A) You like to hear me complain about it? B) You want to see someone trip? or C) You're lazy? D) All of the above
2. What is it with leaving socks on the counter? I don't get that at all. It makes no sense to me and frankly bugs the shit out of me.
3. You have a hamper, is it so hard to actually put the clothes in it? Why near it? Why not in it? It would take less than a second more. For real. Do it!
4. If you can't put away the clothes you have why are you asking me to buy more?
5. How many times total should I be prepared to ask you to put on your shoes before school? And if it is (like I have learned) more than five, would a recording work?
6. Do you believe those dirty dishes are going to carry themselves downstairs and while we're on the subject, do you remember me saying, "No eating in your room?"
7. Who do you love more, Me or Daddy?
8. It's me right?
9. Fine, I know it's him.
10. I love you more than anyone, Both of you. Even though your slobs.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Don't Postpone Joy

So I'm driving home from the Monday morning errands and there's a lot of traffic. I had to cut through a mall from my bank to get home. At the first stop sign I am behind a gold car and it has this bumper sticker that says, "Don't Postpone Joy." It totally made me smile. I've never seen that bumper sticker before. About bumper stickers, I wouldn't put them on my car but I do love reading them. All of them. Even those goofy ones like, "My kids an honor student at blah blah blah," or "My kid beat up your honor student," I like the anti-things I don't like ones. It makes me feel like the stranger in the car in front of me and I could be friends if we knew each other. I love the big PEACE ones. I like little Grateful Dead dancing bears and ones that tell me, "If I'm reading this, I'm driving to close." I'm going to tell you something, when I see those ones that have things I don't agree with I actually roll my eyes and think the people must be silly. Really, when I write it, it sounds ridiculous, I have a ton of friends with different views and I don't think they're silly at all, but those bumper sticker people, I'm sorry, I do. Just for a second. Then I remember they're just people who think differently. Chocolate and vanilla. Makes the world go 'round. :)

There are a number of ways to get home from the mall for me to take. I always take a back road. The gold car with the "Don't Postpone Joy," bumper sticker went right at the stop sign when I went straight. I drove through 2 more lights, up a huge hill, a stop sign and when I got to the next stop sign guess who I was behind again? "Don't Postpone Joy." They went straight. I took a left. I cut by my old house down to a light, went left and at a big intersection I was behind "Don't Postpone Joy" again! Three times in a matter of ten minutes and we didn't go the same way once.

This tells me two things. Number one, it doesn't really matter which way you take home from the mall, they all get there at the same time, and two, "DON'T POSTPONE JOY!"

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm Pretty Sure....

I told myself last year, "No more sleepovers." As it was in full swing last night I remember those words going through my head. I think I need to write it down and put it on the refrigerator right next to the emergency numbers. Or maybe just get a permanent marker and write it on my arm. "No more sleepovers." It's so easy. And if somehow I didn't notice it was on the fridge, or the marker finally got washed off my arm, then at least I hope I have the common sense to not have 14 girls. Cause really, let's just call a spade a spade, that's just stupid. What the hell was I thinking? Well, I'll tell you. I tried to make it smaller, I really did. I actually limited it to 10 (which is still to many) but that was how many invitations were in the pack. I thought, "It's a lot, but I know all these girls. Nothing I can't handle." The thing is Saige has the car salesman gene. She just keeps pushing and pushing me for more girls. She has a reason for each one of them. Somehow we can't not invite whoever if so and so is coming. She just wore me down. I think when all was said and done she had invited 18 girls but thank God above some couldn't come.

So I was left with 14 screaming girls. Oh, and Chase and his buddy Ethan. Both around the same age as the girls so they wanted to hang out with them. Do you know what that lead to? "Moooooommmmmmmm!!!!!!!! Make Chase leave!!!! He's ruining my party!!!!" So that was a fun part too. Then Chase actually said to me, "Why can't we go down there with the girls?" I said, "It's her party Chase, she wants it to be just girls." You know what he said? "Yeah Mom, but you're the boss. You can make her." As if!! Seriously, these children have all the answers. I think I gave him some sort of exasperated answer and he said, "Why are you taking it out on me?" Folks, it would have taken more than boxed wine last night, if I wasn't responsible for all those kids, it would have been a vodka night three ways 'til Tuesday.

So basically, I did my part. I got the food out. Played the game they wanted to play, did the cake and then I disappeared upstairs. It was like gang mentality. At one point I walked down for something and they had actually thrown popcorn and pretzels all over the floor. All. Over. The. Floor. Really? Are you teenage boys? As I walked up the stairs I could hear them asking Saige to go get the school directory, I turned around to tell them, "No prank phone calls." and there were some going out in the back yard. "No outside." I said. Oh my God.

This was definitely an "Inmates running the asylum." kind of night. So please, those of you who know and love me. Set me straight next year. Remind me that I have thrown 21 birthday parties for these kids over the years. I have done my time. Let's take them for a nice long jog with Mommy for your birthday, how 'bout that? That'd be fun. Right?

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Sometimes you just don't have much to say. I guess that's where I am right now. I guess an update of sorts would work , if anyone cares? I dunno.

So, sadly, Bon Qui Qui (bird #4) did I bypass bird #3 in the blog? I might have, because well, it's stupid. But anyway Bon Qui Qui (the first bird not named Olie) has gone on to a better place.
We did think, "This one's going to make it." I don't think anyone was allowed to touch him. One day, over Thanksgiving break, their (Bird's family, who shall not be named, to protect the not so innocent) little niece was there. She pointed in the cage and in a hushed 8 year old voice said, "Look! Bon Qui Qui is sleeping." Bon Qui Qui was lying on the bottom of the cage, little tiny bird legs pointing straight up to heaven. Yeah, not so much with the sleeping Little Sweetheart. I'm sorry Bon Qui Qui got the san (or is it sam, i've never really known) hell outta there. I don't know why, he lived right above the boxed wine. He should have been happy.

So there's that. Hey, Happy Birthday Lula! This was actually Saige's due date. She was kind enough to come early. She's a good egg.

So, I think one of the reasons I don't have much to say is because December is such a crazy month I really have a hard time focusing on anything but the actual day we are in. We have Saige's birthday, holiday stuff, Hanukah and Christmas. Both which are usually spent (as everyone does) with all different parts of the family at all different times. Saige's birthday starts with the actual day, then the dinner, then the party. Until that party is over (it's Saturday) I cannot even bring myself to think about anything else. It's just the way my mind works. It can only deal with so much at once. When It goes on overdrive, shutdown. So let's just make it til Saturday. That's my goal right now.

That's what I've got. A dead bird and a lot of holidays. Throw in therethat the only show I have watched this week is Greys Anatomy and it is turning out to be a huge bummer. I want some (boxed) wine. Sorry Mark B. Cue gagging noises.....now!

Monday, December 1, 2008

11 is A Lucky Number

I don't quite get how our daughter is turning 11 tomorrow. It just doesn't make sense to me. I feel like the last thing I can clearly remember is her climbing out of her crib and telling me she wasn't taking naps anymore. Time just disappears. Vanishes. Sometimes when they were little it seemed to go on forever some days. I have friends with little kids and I hear that all the time. The thing is, it's goes by in a flash. Not to dwell on that. This is her birthday and she is so excited. She has been singing for the last two weeks, "Soon I will be 11." On her birthday card I wrote, "Happy 7th birthday!" I can't even write it.
So Saige is a bright little star. When she was two years old a tarot card reader told me she would be my social one. Friends and travel and always been a step ahead of the game. That reader was right. She is so responsible. It shocks me sometimes. I remember my mother's mother, my "Dotsie," who I loved desperately telling me that your qualities skip a generation, so you are more like your grandmother than you are your mother. I don't know if she made it up. I loved thinking I had that connection with her though. I was little, but I remember that so well. So I like to think that Saige gets that too. I'm the flaky one. Her and my mother have it together. :) RIght Mommy? Yes, I am 39 and still call my mom "Mommy" sometimes. I can only hope that Saige will too.
So, tomorrow we start the festivities. Presents in the morning. Dinner out with friends. Sleepover this weekend with 18 of her closest friends. Fun. Fun. Fun.
Light as a feather, stiff as a board. Remember that? I hope they play it. I love having a girl Especially one so awesome as Saige.
Happy Birthday Gorgeous.
Can I kick it? Yes you can!