Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Movie Night

Last night Chase had his buddy Ethan over because they had no school today. I took them to the movie store to pick out a couple movies to watch. At first they tried to talk me into Snakes On A Plane. Chase just wanted to get it, he did not want me to look at the cover. I did and it was rated R so I said no. Not that he hasn't seen worse, but we had a friend with us. I did find out later from Marc that Chase has already seen this movie. Of course. So, the two movies they chose were Ocean's 13 and The Fog. The whole point of this is not what we chose though. So we were waiting in line, there was a girl in front of us paying for her movies. Her boyfriend was joking with the kids and asked them if they wanted to watch Bambi tonight. They of course, said, "No. We have some other movies." The guy said, "My girlfriend is making me watch Bambi tonight." I have to say, I hate that movie. I don't think I was even allowed to watch it when I was younger because it was to upsetting for me. So I said, "Bambi, that's a really sad movie. " The guy shook his head yes. At that moment the girl turned around and said, "I am making him watch it because he is going hunting this weekend." Snap.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


So I guess it wasn't bad enough that I hid Chase's candy. He had it to himself for TWO weeks. I trusted him to make good decisions with it. So silly of me. A couple mornings ago I went in his room to find him stuffing some skittles in his mouth at about seven thirty in the morning. I didn't say anything, just let him go on living the dream. Then, as soon as he was out the door I took the bag of candy and hid it. Just like that. Enough was enough. He actually didn't notice for a couple days. Not until Marc asked him for some. Marc was making him part with a few pieces every night. Saige will happily hand over whatever he wanted, but with Chase it was so hard for him. Chase doesn't like to hand over perfectly good candy. If it just disappears, that's one thing. It is entirely different to have to go in and choose what you want least and give it away. So anyway both Marc and Chase are on me for the candy. I held firm though, just stared at the computer screen and said I didn't know what they were talking about. Saige also had missing candy, which I didn't take. It actually was very helpful when today she found hers under her bed. It took some of the heat off me, like maybe it could have just been missing.
Anyway, tonight Saige is at Amanda's for dinner. Marc and Chase had a lovely dinner of monk fish, rice and veggies. Chase didn't finish all his dinner. I told him, "No dessert without cleaning your plate." "I don't care," he said. I said, "I don't want to see you down here asking for ice cream later." "I don't care," he said again. He went upstairs to watch the rest of a movie, he had trouble getting it to start. He came down to ask for help, at which point he saw Marc making a milk shake. He went running back up the stairs. I went to ask him what was wrong. With actual WET somewhat teary eyes he said, "I would have finished my plate if I knew you got ice cream." Boys......

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Good Amy S. Vs. The Bad Amy S.

So obviously I am the Good Amy S. My identitiy was stolen over the summer. The perp.....Bad Amy S. It is my understanding that her name really is Amy S. Unlike me, as stated above, she is bad. Really a huge pain in my neck (or other body part located down a bit further). She somehow got a hold of my info. and opened up dozens of credit cards, a phone, got an apartment and took out a couple of personal loans. She was a very busy girl for about ten days there in June. I was lucky to find out rather quickly, but not quick enough it to be a huge inconvience to me and my credit. She is apparently and quite obviously a big scumbag (this word comes from her ex-landlord). I say Ex because she is now in the big house, the hoos cow, the clink. Which I have to say does give me some satisfaction because of the hassle she has caused me. The reason I share this is for some advice, which had I known earlier it would have saved me a lot of trouble. Go onto and sign up for credit alerts. It will cost you about $14 a month but they update you as to any change of your credit. This would have come in very handy when she started her little crime spree. Consider yourselves warned.

Friday, November 2, 2007


For the last week I have been in Mexico. I went with my friend Linda for a yoga retreat. We stayed at a place about 45 minutes north of Puerta Vallerta. It is called HaraMara Retreat. It was absolutely beautiful, set in the middle of the jungle, right on the ocean. We saw whales out in the ocean and had a big lizard living in our room. We named her Tita. She lived in the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom. She was quite big. But just as sweet as the day is long.

Our room was completely open to the outside world. The whole front was just air. It looked over the ocean. Also the shower had the same open view. There was no electricity, phones, internet, etc.... A bit shocking the first night when we got in at about 11:30 and had to use oil lamps, but it was actually really cool. I read The Poisonwood Bible, which I had been wanting to read for a long time but just never got the chance. It interesting to see, in the right climate, how little you need. I had this huge bag full of clothes, my hairdryer, shoes, etc... I used about 1/4 of the stuff I brought. I would say live and learn but I am a pathological overpacker. Maybe next time I will do better.

We met some amazingly interesting people from all over the world, Japan, China, Austraila, Mexico, a few Americans, and a Master Ashtanga teacher from the Mexican jungle. He was our teachers guest and extremely knowledgable, we learned a lot from him. In our group was a tarot card reader who told me some really interesting things about my kids. It was a great mix of people.

I am glad to be home once again. I feel like I am constantly unpacking. Usually we go away for Thanksgiving so I would be getting ready to pack again, but not this year. We decided to stay home this year because both Marc and I have our 20 year high school reunion over Thanksgiving weekend. Oh my God is all I can think, 20 years, time flys......