Friday, November 2, 2007


For the last week I have been in Mexico. I went with my friend Linda for a yoga retreat. We stayed at a place about 45 minutes north of Puerta Vallerta. It is called HaraMara Retreat. It was absolutely beautiful, set in the middle of the jungle, right on the ocean. We saw whales out in the ocean and had a big lizard living in our room. We named her Tita. She lived in the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom. She was quite big. But just as sweet as the day is long.

Our room was completely open to the outside world. The whole front was just air. It looked over the ocean. Also the shower had the same open view. There was no electricity, phones, internet, etc.... A bit shocking the first night when we got in at about 11:30 and had to use oil lamps, but it was actually really cool. I read The Poisonwood Bible, which I had been wanting to read for a long time but just never got the chance. It interesting to see, in the right climate, how little you need. I had this huge bag full of clothes, my hairdryer, shoes, etc... I used about 1/4 of the stuff I brought. I would say live and learn but I am a pathological overpacker. Maybe next time I will do better.

We met some amazingly interesting people from all over the world, Japan, China, Austraila, Mexico, a few Americans, and a Master Ashtanga teacher from the Mexican jungle. He was our teachers guest and extremely knowledgable, we learned a lot from him. In our group was a tarot card reader who told me some really interesting things about my kids. It was a great mix of people.

I am glad to be home once again. I feel like I am constantly unpacking. Usually we go away for Thanksgiving so I would be getting ready to pack again, but not this year. We decided to stay home this year because both Marc and I have our 20 year high school reunion over Thanksgiving weekend. Oh my God is all I can think, 20 years, time flys......

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Meredith said...

You know, if I was going someplace that didn't have electricity, I think I'd rather NOT know ahead of time. It might scare me off. Remind me too much of camping!!! Your room looks luscious and comfortable though. Not like crawling around inside a tent. I like your lizard too.