Monday, September 3, 2007

Now We Are Really Home

Okay, now I can say we are really home. When we got home the first time on Wednesday night at two a.m. I was happy, but I don't think I let myself completely relax because I knew we were leaving again. Thursday and Friday went by really quickly. The kids didn't miss a beat with their friends. As soon as Chase woke up Thursday morning he was out trolling the neighborhood for his buddies. Saige went to her doctors appt. and then immediately went to Amanda's house for the night.

We spent Thursday and Friday catching up, doing errands, running around. I could barely bring myself to unpack, there was just so much stuff, so actually packing again was hard. I kind of left it to the last minute. I have never packed and unpacked so much in my life. This time for two days, we had three suitcases, a hanging bag and two tux's in there bags. I mean come on, have I learned nothing? We finally got going on Saturday around three (we mean't to leave at one). As we were piled in the car, trunk stuffed to capacity, my camera bag and car bag around my feet, the kids in the back bickering about something. I thought to myself, "Seriously? No, Really? Weren't we just here?" But we did it. Only four hours this time and such a beautiful drive. Up through Pennsylvania in into upstate New York was gorgeous, the only thing that could compare to it from before was Colorado, but I actually enjoyed New York more. I mean, there weren't any kangaroos, but it was pretty.

We had a fabulous weekend with Marc's family. His gorgeous cousin Bryna got married to her wonderful finace Eric on probably the most beautiful weather weekend the whole summer. It was lovely. The kids had a blast. They love their cousins and aunt's and uncle's. It was a great finish to a busy summer.

When I woke up this morning I was so happy. I couldn't wait to go home for real. Chase wanted to hang around and finish watching The Illusionist, he had fallen asleep halfway through the night before. I promised we would watch it at home as I rushed everyone out. I just wanted to come home. We hit no traffic, the little bit there was Marc detoured off and we completely bypassed it. The kids watched a movie and before we knew it we were home. I even called Comcast on the way and had Showtime added so we could catch up on Weeds when we got home. It was a good car ride.

Tomorrow school starts. I kind of wish the kids had one day to chill but what are you going to do? I am going to continue to write on this blog, it's fun.


Meredith said...

Oh, what a wonderful photo! I'm downloading that and giving it to myself for Christmas. I know you are really busy, but I'll talk to you soon. I'm glad you are still going to write your blog. It's fun, isn't it? How about Saige? She kind of lost steam with hers at the end. Maybe she'll start up again too, I hope.

Brother Chris said...

This really is a great family picture. You all look like models and sissy, you are especially radiant!

One question. When you were describing the groom your wrote "finace". Were you trying to say fiance, or finance? Let's not pretend I'm the only male to question that little Freudian faux pas - just the only one that had the GUTS to type it out loud:)

Hope the kids had fun at their first day of school. Keep us posted.

mama said...

What a nice surprise, I didn't realize you were going to continue your blog, Is that the pic that Erica took? You guys may one beautiful family I'm proud to call my own. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the wedding pics. It was great spending the weekend with you. Love ya