Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A couple Pictures

These are a couple pictures Marc took with his phone. The top one is their seal friend. They petted this guy. He barked at them and Chase talked (barked) to him too.
The next one Marc sent to me in my e mail and titled it mohawk fisherman.


Brother Chris said...

Welcome home Schramm Clan. What a journey! Hope you enjoyed being back in your home. Were the pooches happy to see you? I'll bet they were. I'm in awe of the stamina level that is going to let you go to NY this weekend. I know if that had been me I'd have sent my warmest regards and best wishes and stayed home. More power to ya!

Brother Chris said...

By the way... That little seal is KUH-YOOT! (That's 'cute', for the phonetically impaired).