Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Difference's

It is amazing to me the difference's between these two children. They were born 16 months and 10 days apart. They have been brought up exactly the same way, friends, sports, vacations, etc.... So how, I ask you could they be so different from one another. There are some similarites, they look alike, they are kind, they both like ice cream. That's about where it stops. Their tempermants are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Saige care's what people think. Chase doesn't. Saige does her homework, Chase... not so much. The funniest thing was the other day. I had brought in the mail and there was a birthday card in it for Saige with a check in it. Saige dutifully read the card before even glancing at the check. Chase was hovering over her trying to make out how much it was for. Now when Chase get's a check for something he immediately makes Marc or I cash it and then he takes his loot and puts it with his big pile of money that he never spends. Anyway, Saige finally finishes reading the card and the writing and she glances down at the check and says, "Mom, can you put this in my college fund?" And Chase with the most incredulous look on his face says, "College fund? What are you talking about?" It was like the farthest thing that would have ever entered his imagination. I just had to laugh.

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