Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pop Eyed Eggs

I am not a big cook. That is an understatement. I do not enjoy cooking, thinking about what to make, going to the grocery store, or really eating for that matter. Food is not high on my priority list. This is difficult because I do have a family that does like to eat. It's pretty much up to me to see that they do, I rely heavily on the gods that brought us Wegmans. Really, Wegmans is like the food version of Target. I'm really not sure what I did before it was there. No, I know what I did, roamed aimlessly through grocery stores looking for things that might be healthy but didn't require much time or effort. Lame. I know. But it's the truth. There is one thing I think I am pretty good at though, breakfast. I can totally make breakfast, pancakes, eggs, french toast, etc... nothing really fancy but all things my kids like. One of my best is the pop eyed egg. I mentioned this to a friend and they laughed at me. I don't know, maybe the name of it, whatever. So as a joke I wrote out the recipe, the way I make it. I thought I would share it here.
Pop Eyed Recipe:
One Egg
A piece of bread
Some butter
One stray advil cap

So take the advil cap and smoosh it in the middle of the piece of bread to make a hole in the middle of it. You might want to spread some butter on the little hole because for some reason they (kids) always want this and if you accidently threw it away you are screwed.
Butter both sides of the remaining piece of bread.
Now you want to put this in a pan that you have heating on the stove on medium. Let's hope you didn't forget this part.
So brown the bread a little on one side, now timing is crucial here, don't let the little amount of ingredients fool you. At the exact right time flip it over. Then it's time to crack that egg in there. Here you might want to check if your kid wants to do it because this is really fun for them for some reason that goes beyond me, but whatever. Inevitably some of the egg will run down the side of the pan on the stove, but just ignore it.
So the eggs in there. Make it so it will stay together when you flip the bread but you don't want the middle to get hard cause that's just gross.
Okay, flip it already. Let it cook for a bit. Then your done. Voila.


Meredith said...

See comment on last post. This made me cry too, but for a different reason.

Sarah said...

Advil Cap? You are too funny!

Brother Chris said...

I can't believe it but I really struggled to keep up with this recipe and these crazy instructions. You crack the egg in this little hole in the bread but some of it runs down the side of the pan??? Is the pan smaller than one slice of bread? How could you get most of it in the middle of the bread in a little hole but then miss the rest of the piece of bread and spill egg OUTSIDE of the whole pan??? It doesn't add up no matter how many times you read it. I don't know why but reading this attempt at a recipe makes me want to scream really loud at nothing!!! :)

Amy said...

The kids cracking it makes a mess. Come over, I will show you.

Brother Chris said...

Didn't mean to offend... Was trying to amuse... Nonetheless, no matter how many times I re-read the recipe I still feel my teeth involuntarily clenching and why am I making a fist?

Please have 1 dozen large, grade-A eggs available upon my next visit. Have the children freshly scrubbed, well-rested and prepared with a notepad and at least 1 sharp #2 pencil each.

Lisa said...


Take pictures when Chris shows up....