Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pushing Ten

Saige is going to be ten tomorrow. I really can't believe it. I remember when she was a tiny baby. My Mom and I had her out at like Waterloo Gardens or something and my mom said, "Before you know it Amy she's going to be walking around with us, before you know it she'll be 3." I was so mad, I said, "Mom, don't say that. She's just a little baby." My Mom was right, before I knew it when people asked how old she was she would say, "Pushing two." Then, as predicted, she turned 3, which to this day I hold my Mother accountable for. And just as quickly the years have gone by and tomorrow she will be one decade old. Oh My God. It does not even seem possible. I remember this day, today, from ten years ago so vividly. Not feeling well, Marc was at work. I went over to my Mom and Dad's house and fell asleep on their couch. That night, starting to have contractions and Jeopardy was on. Which always makes me laugh, I don't know why. So anyway, my baby, who now is obviously at some point going to be taller than me and who can wear my shoes and likes to put on a little make up if we are going out will be ten. She has been a blessing, a love, a teacher, and one of the kindest souls I have ever known. She has the compassion of someone who is lived much longer and seen much more. She has an inner kindness that you don't see that much in kids these days. She is also a girl so she has her girl stuff, which I try to take as on going education. There is always a lesson to be learned from her, I look forward to the day she realizes how special she is.

Tomorrow her and fourteen of her closest friends will get together to celebrate her birthday. We are taking them to the mall for a scavenger hunt. My Mom and I spent hours at the mall finding clues and questions. I have our wonderful 15 year old neighbor Emily and four of her friends coming to help us. I am thinking it is going to be great.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart.


Meredith said...

For the last few days I have been thinking about the day she was born. Getting update calls from Marc every few hours and then leaving at 4:00 am to drive through the cold, dark predawn hours to the hospital. Then waiting and worrying and pacing around until the great moment arrived. Ten years. My gosh, it really hits you when you think about it. Ten. Yikes. I suppose it is my fault, but you have to admit, each year gets better. Happy Birthday, Saigy. I love you.

Sarah said...

If Saige is 10.. that must mean I am 25!