Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dinner and A Show

It was a nice good old fashioned hang out night tonight. Japanese/Chinese food (thank God we ate that before I started reading blogs!) and a movie.

My daughter got braces today and wanted lo mein and my son loves sushi so choosing the food was no problem. And luckily after an afternoon of getting food stuck in her braces and a very unpleasant to look at eating of a California roll the lo mein was pretty easy to eat for her.

Choosing a movie was a little bit more of a discussion. My daughter likes girl movies, my son likes movies he has already watched and I like movies that I think will make them laugh that are a little more old school. In the past when I get to pick they have seen Reality Bites, Stripes, Father of the Bride and a host of other 80's give or take movies. Tonight Chase wanted to watch Bruno (he'd already seen), Saige wanted Bridget Jones Diary ( I liked that idea too) but then I saw Burglar. I won. I won cause I'm an adult and what I say goes.

So I turn it on and inform them they will really like it. I go in the kitchen as it starts and I hear Saige say, "Oh, it's rated R Mom" I think for about thirty seconds and say, "Yeah, but that was from a long time ago, they didn't do bad stuff in movies then," and then I tried to think how a more responsible parent would so I said, "Well, maybe we shouldn't watch it," a little sad cause I'm like Chase and like to see movies I have already seen. Then Chase says, "It's fine Mom, there won't be anything bad." Oh, okay ten year old boy, I'll listen to you.

So we watch The Burglar, with Whoopie Goldberg. I hadn't seen this movie in a long time and I was right, it is so funny. It has Bobcat Goldwaith who in his day I found very annoying but in this movie is so funny. Dan, that husband from Roseanne as a cop before he became a superstar as DJ's dad and G.W. Bailey. G.W. Bailey from all the Police Academy's, A few Murder She Wrote, some made for tv movies, some episodes of M*A*S*H and even a couple episodes of Flo after she left Mel's Diner. Let me tell you something G.W. was so funny. One time, at band camp, he got mad at Whoopie while they were chatting on the phone and to make his point he started banging it against the window in the middle of the conversation! He did it three times at which point we were all giggling so hard I knew I had made a good choice.

During the movie Saige asked me if I had seen Caddyshack."Well of course I have, it's a classic," I replied. "Is it funny?" she asked. "Hysterical," I say. "Amanda says it's a must see movie," she said, Amanda being her adorable little friend. "Well that Amanda always has been clever."

Although Caddyshack is being saved for a later date. The next movie up is "What's Up Doc," one of my favorite of all time movies. That movie was released when I was 3 years old but I have a memory of laughing at it in the movie theater. Is that right Mom? I can't wait for them to see it. They better like it or else. Or else no Caddyshack for them.


Brother Chris said...

I don't think we saw "What's Up Doc" at the movie theatre sis. The way I remember it we just watched about 22 times on TV. What is about watching the same movie multiple times. Is it like music that the replaying of it can take you back? This seems like a trait unique to our clan - Dad liked it, I like it, and now I know you and Chase like it. People around here call me Re-Run because of it.

While you're on the Whoopi kick why not try "Jumpin' Jack Flash", and from there you can move over to War Games with Matthew Broderick, which should leave the kids hungry for Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I can keep going if you want...

Meredith said...

Okay, here's the story. We saw "What's Up Doc?" on our way to Hilton Head one year. We stopped somewhere in NC for the night and had dinner and went to the movies. I think you were 5 or 6, Amy, maybe a little younger. Anyway, you giggled so infectiously throughout the movie that even the strangers sitting around us laughed every time you did. We all laughed with you, we just had to. You were adorable and we enjoyed your glee every bit as much as we enjoyed the movie. Otherwise, it would have been just another movie, but Dad and I never forgot that night.

Brother Chris said...

I think you're thinking of "The Omen", and we were giggling at all the hi-jinks of that little imp Damien. That's what we saw on the way to Hilton Head. I remember it because that was the same night Mark got in trouble with Dad for licking his knife at a restaurant.

I guess it's possible we might have seen "What's Up Doc" also on that trip and I'm glad everyone enjoyed that also.

Amy said...

You're wrong Chris. We saw the Omen the night we went to Friendlys in Devon and Dad was very unfriendly to the waitress cause she was taking to long with the check. I remember it like it was yesterday, or like a four year old going to see the Omen cause that's what the boys wanted to see.

That Damien was a little rascal though! Oh the things he got into!

And I love that Mark was licking a knife, that is making me laugh so hard right now. Was it sharp? What was on it that was so good that he had to lick it? Where the hell is he to defend himself?

And Mom, you are right. I remember that movie too.

Sue Jacquette said...

I almost don't want to post a comment and break up the memory fest, but I just wanted to say how much I love Meredith's account of loving a movie really only because your child does. Jason and I have done that with Jade so many times, just stop watching or doing what we were doing so we can watch Jade enjoy herself. I love that those memories stay with us always.

Can I be a daughter/ sister of the Bradbury family?

Amy said...

You are my sister Suzy! Just don't bring that stalker around. My brothers won't like that. Unless she's hot. Then it's fine.

Brother Chris said...

Yes, hot stalkers are welcome. It's nice to finally have Sudoku chime in again - I made a point to post a BC comment on "What Got Me Going Today" and never got a response from SJ? As regards Mark's absence; he may be mixed up in another round of speed-dating and too busy for us at the moment.

Kathy said...

Beetle Juice. One of my kids favorites.

Mr. Mom. "220. 221. Whatever it takes" - a pretty standard line around here.

Caddyshack is a given.

Alien. (I know, I know. - but they love all 4 of them......)