Monday, August 31, 2009

Bye Summer

The first day of school. This summer flew by. In an instant. In one second. Like a flash. Get it? It was quick. And now my daughter, my little girl, my baby is in middle school. That is just bizarre to me. She got hooked up with a late bus pick up this year. Which is nice. So she's already to go. Last night she took a shower and blew out her hair like a professional. She picked out the cutest outfit complete with little gold gladiator sandels. When I say little, I actually mean they are to big for me. So she's sitting at the counter having a little chill time after she ate, stretching out her long legs just cool as a cucumber. I am trying not to let her see how anxious I am. "Mom do my legs look tan to you?" that's what she just asked me. Oh my God, I could not love this child anymore.

This year my two little Irish twins are in two different schools so Chase has not graced us with his presence yet. He gets to sleep a few more minutes than her, which is nice. When he gets up she will be walking out the door. That means a little time with both of them in the morning and no fighting. I have a feeling this is going to be a good year.

Also as Chase told me last night because he is in the highest grade his school has, he is now, "The King of the School." It's good to be king. Not only that but he has the best teacher you can get in the whole school. As much as kids and parents hope and pray not to get the "mean" ones or the "bad" ones, we hope and pray that when 5th grade comes around they get Mr. V. Saige had Mr. V. last year. We have been very fortunate, it makes getting up for school so much easier.

I did just see on a note that came home from Chase's teacher it said, "Bring in a book you are currently reading." I read that out loud to Saige and we both started to laugh. I just told Chase that and he said, "I am going to be honest with Mr. V, and tell him I am not reading one darn book." I'm going to miss summer but thank God school is starting before he just forgets how to read all together.


Kathy said...

"That means a little time with both of them in the morning and no fighting. I have a feeling this is going to be a good year."


Amy said...

Yes Kathy! We have the same deal going this year. :)
Happy First Day of School to you!

Anonymous said... you're back too!!!!!! It's over for all of us!

Mariah said...

We have one more week until school starts, it's been a long summer, but when I look back, it went too fast!