Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pink Eye Is the New Blue Eye (And A Dead Cat)

Or at least for me it is. Which sucks. I don't think I have ever had pink eye before. It's odd that I don't like it given my affinity for the color pink but I find that I really dislike it. Billy, is it something you would like or dislike?

My friend Lisa and I went to a training for this really cool circus stuff to teach kids up in New York City. It was a lovely studio but I am quite sure some little rug rat had pink eye and smooshed it all over the place and then I touched it and inadvertently rubbed my eye and voila! Pink eye for Amy. I of course didn't understand last night why my eyes were tearing so much. I thought it was because Lisa's husband told a very funny story over the phone that made me laugh so hard that I thought my kids could hear me back in PA.

Lisa had the flu.
We were quite an attractive couple while we hunted and gathered through Union Square this afternoon...

It was about 33 degrees and we were all bundled up while we walked around looking for interesting things. We found the coolest jewelry. And anyone who knows us knows that shiny objects can stop us dead in our tracks. These objects were particularly fetching. I saw a necklace with all these little charms on it. One charm was a little switchblade. I know it sounds weird, but it was so cool, man. I called Lisa over (who was desperately in need of something cool cause she had just purchased the four dorkiest doll jewelry holders that I have ever seen, she actually let me lose her at the street fair for a few minutes cause she didn't want me to see her buying them, knowing what my reaction would be.

So I said, "Lisa, come over here. Look at this stuff. You're gonna love it."
Then, this very cool looking character with the best accent says, "I made that all. Is all my work." (that r in work was totally rolled with his Spanish accent). Lisa got all bright eyed and bushy tailed suddenly. "That necklace is so cool, but I don't think you could get on a airplane with it though." She was referring to the little knife "charm".
"Oh yes you could, " says the killer accent, "You just close it up, see, (as he demonstrates) like a switch blade and you tell no one!."
Lisa was sold!
"What does it say on the back of that other charm?" I asked.
"Is from a song I wrote, it sayz, 'if you ever loved me like you did a dead cat I would still rather be with someone that looked like you.'"
This just keeps getting better. I don't even get that but I don't think I could possibly love it anymore.
Lisa was completely mesmerized.
She bought the necklace.
She just better not put it anywhere near that gay ( I mean straight) jewelry holder.

Pleased with ourselves we decided to move on to Barbounia for one last bit of baba ganoush before we headed home. On the way there we got to see a part of a Matt Damon movie being filmed on 6th Ave. All the extras and the movie guys and a little chase scene, we thought.

It was a good day! Pink eye, the flu, a dead cat, and all.


Lisa Samuel said...

Dave liked my weird jewelry holders, so there!!! The necklace is so cool and we are going to take turns smuggling it onto trains and planes. Let's see who gets caught first and waterboarded in Gitmo- That would be a fun blog post! Namaste Baby!

Lisa Samuel said...

Oh I need to make one more comment about this. I had to drag Amy away from the guy who was selling these giant furry hats with ears! She looked the best in the gray and pink one- but really, it was more strange than my dolls who hold earrings!

Amy said...

I loved that hat.

Sue said...

Barbounia, you say? Hmmm..... did you ladies see my eurotrash friend?

Billy Yorn said...

Hey look, it's all my Facebook friends! Woooot wooooot!

I dislike that you have pinkeye Amy, but I like that you knew I'd suggest it ironic that you, the lover of all things pink, got pinkeye. Christmas trees, dining rooms and your eyeballs. You go all out.

Kathy said...

Ooooohh.. Pink eye not good. Got it from my daughter once - yuck. On the up side, you get to buy all new make up!! Lots of new pretty colors.

twist said...

Oh, I have a witch doctor cure for pink me next time...we can take care of that in the proverbial blink of an eye!