Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunny Hours

I give thanks everyday for these words that save my soul
I only got the sunny hours, the brightest hours of day
I never count the gloomy hours, I let them slip away

That's what Long Beach Dub All Stars sing. I don't think they live in Pennsylvania. I'm almost sure of it.

So Happy Summer Solstice, right? Here's a little Asude for you, Solstice is derived from the Latin words, Sol - Sun, duh and Sistere which means to stand still. So basically this is the day of the year that the Sun is supposed to stand still the longest so we can have a really long day. This is also conviently located very closely to my birthday and seeing as the Sun is my God of choice I think it is so fitting. Twist! Did you remember my birthday is coming up? I'm not sure if I've mentioned it. Anyway, what the hell was I blathering on about? Oh yes, Summer Solstice. The day our beloved Sun is going to shower down goodness and invite the best season of the year in to greet us. Summer. Which, also, is when my birthday is. Mom? You remember it's my birthday, right?

Okay, okay. Wait, here's something else, do you know that there used to be only two seasons? It's true, I think back when Will Shakespeare was writing blogs. There was only winter and summer (my birthday season). So at that time the Summer Solstice was called Midsummer. Like Midsummer Night's Dream. See where I'm going with that. I like that title. It's oneiric. Go ahead. Look it up. I'll wait.... Tapping my fingers..

Okay, you ready now? You got it? Dreamy. It's so relating to dreams :). So my whole point of this insightful, well written blog is, can you have Summer Solstice without the Sun?
Where did the sun go?
I miss it so.
Seems it's been forever that it's been gone.
I blame this on Peter Yorn.

I don't want to have to go and switch religions now. If I were to, Asude, what should I go with? I need one where they don't tell you what to do. I need one where they like you to be tan. I need one where they think an icy cold mojito is a fine compliment to worshipping. I guess I'm just going to have to wait it out.
Patience. Now get down and give me twenty. I'm talking to you.


Meredith said...

Yes, I remember your birthday's coming. How could I forget? I was there. And it's Midsummer Night's Dream. Look it up.
Love you,

Pete Yorn's Mama said...

Where the hell is my Petey?

Prancer the Dwarf said...

I saw him in the Emerald Forest in sweat pants with the word "PINK" on the bum. He was muttering something about monkeys with posable thumbs and how if one more kid kicks him in the ribs on the way in the bus he is gonna write you a love song.

Acme Anvil Co. said...

It's a sunny day after all! Your order is ready.

Jules said...

Happy Solstice!!

heather said...

My wishes for your birthday are a sunny one. Hey, btw, isn't your bday coming up soon?

The last person on earth said...

I had no idea your birthday is soon. Why am I always the last one to hear these things?

The voice inside your head said...

Man, I'm awesome. I can't get enough of me.

christina said...

cannot wait to celebrate your birthday! you have a is that song you never taught me. how does it go again?

h bomb said...

Hail to the sun...and the mojitos we'll be drinking as we're worshipping it this summer.

Amy said...

Oh Jesus I love you and I love Buddha too. RamaKrisha, Guru Dev, Tao Te Ching and Mohammed.

Why do some people say that there is just one way to love you God and come to you? We are all a part of you.
Mason Jennings with a little help from Jack Johnson

I was actually talking about the Sun in my blog post but I like all those guys too. I'm an equal opportunity Religious person as long as it's not organized. The only thing I like organized is my gym bag.

I can't wait to go celebrate with you too. Love you.

H Bomb- come out with us.

P.S. Pete Yorn's Mom, you heard what Pete said, now go away.
And you "Voice inside my head" Don't make me break out the anvil. Or the vat of honey. Or the pig road bumps.

h bomb said...

Time and place??? I'm always up for girls night out.

Lora said...

the sun came out at 9pm at my house! I loved it.

Lula! said...

I cannot give you twenty, unless it's $20. As it's before 9 am and I don't fully function until I've had at least 2 cups of coffee.

And now you've made me want to watch A Midsummer Night's Dream...sigh...

p.s. Hey--Pete Yorn's Mama commented on here. AMY--you are the big time. Even if she is an imposter!

twist said...

Forgive the delay in response. As you might expect, I was busy with our solstice bonfire and other Litha festivities. Here is a picture:
Note Steroid Tom sitting around again as the flames lick the house.

So, have you people been eating the little mushrooms that have cropped up in your yards courtesy of the rain? Because these are some interesting comments. Let's all pray for sun.

and shout said...

Hey Twist, mind if we dance with your dates?

We should hang out. I feel connected to you in some crazy way. I have always felt like I am missing something to make me whole but I never knew what it was. But Twist, I feel like you could be the missing link.