Monday, June 29, 2009

Dear Twist,

Let Me Entertain You
Let me make you smile.
Let me do some new tricks (as in, "Hey Soccer Mom, look what i can do!-right Twisty?)

I am here to serve you. You know that. Your wish is my command. I have been trying to keep it on the down lo since my Mom thinks I'm losing it. I'm really not, It's you guys.

So here's what I've got. This past week and weekend (as we all know) I turned the big 4 0. So far, not such a big deal. I do feel that I'm smarter, stronger and much better looking than any of my three brothers. Just kidding. Are you still out there boys? Seriously, step up! I really meant that I did at 39 and 364 days. I can't tell you how many people asked me if I felt different at 40. Um, different than what? An eel? A roadblock? I don't get it. Enlighten me. I'm stoopid. No I don't feel any different. I feel like myself.

What else Twister? Oh yes, one of my bestest friends decided they now liked girls. She is a girl. So of course I was entertained by this all weekend. She has since changed her mind. Short lived but fun nonetheless. Oh well, easy come easy go.

My children entertained me before they left for camp for two weeks. Two weeks with barely a glance backwards. Saige and her friend basically kicked Marc out of their cabin when he dropped them off. I guess they were so sad they didn't want him to see them cry. Yeah right.
Before they left Saige got all her stationary and envelopes and addresses and stamps ready. Chase looked at me very seriously and said, "I'm not going to need that stuff. I won't be writing." I know Precious Angel. No one expects you to write. Just brush your teeth and I'll be happy.

So what have you been doing? How is that lazy ass husband of yours?

I miss my babies...


Kathy said...

Love the photo!!

Ditto on where are the Bros?

Please assure your Mom that I am your sane friend. Harvey tells me this all the time.

twist said...

Hey, that's me! Guess you'd probably like a brilliant comment in return. I'll have to think on that. Meanwhile, wanna sneak into Wedgewood and show up the 30-somethings with our diving prowess?

Kathy: Please tell me Harvey's a BIG WHITE RABBIT. Cause if he's your husband or something...well, that's CRAZY!

Amy said...

Kathy, Is Harvey that roadkill you bar b qued up? Are you still talking to him?

Twist, I'm in. How tall is the diving board? Could we do doubles?

Kathy said...

Gold Star for Twist!!!

Amy, Burrrpp!

One Guess said...

Okay, so what does one do when one indulges in too much post-fireworks caffeine? Unfortunately for you all, this little ditty. Inspired by Amy's pondering over here brothers lack on comments recently......

Tune: I Need a Hero - Bonnie Tyler

Where have all the Brothers gone
No comments on the blogs?
Where’s the street-wise repertoire
‘Bout the 70’s and wearing clogs?

Isn’t there a Brother Chris typing on his keys?
Late at night I wonder just where’s Mark from NYC?

We need the Brothers.
We’re holding out for some comments 'till the end of the night
They’ve gotta be sharp
And they’ve gotta be fun
And they’ve gotta be filled with insight.

We need you, Brothers.
We need your clever comments on rants from Amy’s brain
Just a line or two
It’s the least you can do
And our Twist needs to be entertained

Somewhere after midnight
It then occurs to me
You could be in a body cast
Or a jungle with a Spider Monkey

Maybe your internet is down, you’ve lost your 3G
You’ve tried all major carriers but still can’t text Amy

We need you, Bro Chris
How ‘bout we make you a deal – no talk of “Housewives” at all*
We’re thinking of you
And the blog clock’s fixed too
(*At least ‘till the new season this Fall)

Where’s NYC Mark?
I’m holding out that you haven’t taken back that darn cat.
Your comments were long
But not as bad as this song
And often heartfelt kind words at that

We need the Brothers
We need your comments; Amy’s blog is getting a bit sparse
Twist and I try
I am typing this why?
And I’m feeling like a horse’s arse

We need you, Brothers
We’re holding out for a comment in the morning light