Thursday, July 9, 2009

One More Session

My little angels have been gone for two weeks. They have been excited to go back to camp since they came home last year. They love it.

My friends and I discuss this sometimes, right Kathy? Camp people Vs. Non Camp People. It seems that if you went to camp as a child and you liked it you are the first one to sign up your own kid. Let's be honest. It's nice to have a little free time but the real reason you send them is because you know how awesome it is. Two weeks (or more) where you get to do whatever you want. Your life is pretty much run by teenagers. Every day without a thought in the world you get to socialize with tons of kids your age and older and younger. You get to sail and water ski, there are dances at night, you eat in big huge groups. You have 14 consecutive sleepovers. Yeah, that must really suck. :)

This is their third year. Before they left they could barely stand it. They packed and checked the list and reminded me of the things that aren't on the list that they need, like water balloons and oreos and important things like that. I got a couple really cute letters from my daughter. The only thing I got from my son was a call saying he maybe could of broken his wrist. It's like Groundhog day with that kid. Luckily he didn't, just a sprain. It didn't matter anyway cause he flat out told Marc that even if it was broken under no circumstances was he coming home.

Today I got another call from the camp. This time it wasn't about a trip to the emergency room. It was my little boy telling me he wasn't ready to come home. He wants to stay another session...


Kathy said...

Loved, loved, loved camp! Some of my best memories growing up.......sigh, wish I could turn back the clock for a couple of weeks each summer.

Lula! said...

The camp I went to was where the first 2 Friday the 13th movies were filmed. True story.

I want my girls to go to camp. I mean, I'll miss them...but I still want them to go. And make memories. And NOT sleep with a jr. counselor. (Ever seen "Little Darlings?")

heather said...'re back! You're Chase is growing up so fast. I never went to summer camp. From the sounds of it, I wish I did. Sure sounds like I really missed out! I bet your kids are having a blast.