Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yes, They're Home

For all of you well wishers, and those of you who are envious that there is not a winter camp in your state. :) My precious angels are home. If I thought I was stupid yesterday, I managed to one up myself today! Yes I did.

After I found out last night I had one more day of freedom my little sweethearts being away, I came up with a whole day full of events. I just KNEW the bus was coming in at 4.00 and it takes about a half hour to get home from there and I wasn't picking them up. So I had the most lovely day. I sure did. At about 3.30 I was putting my groceries in the car from Trader Joe's and I got a phone call from Marc.
"The kids have been home since one. Where are you?" he said.
"Huh? No they haven't." I replied stupidly. Because obviously I know nothing.
"Yes they have."
"Well why didn't they call me? I have no missed calls." I said.
"Saige said she did, like six times. They're at Sarah's now."
Insert me cringing here. Sarah's dad was the one I called Elizabeth and told him the kids were due home yesterday. Now today they try and drop them off and I'm no where to be found.

So I call them. I pick them up. We are not even down the road and my cell rang again. It was Saige's friend inviting her to bowling and out to dinner. Turn the car around to drive in the other direction to drop her off. They're back...

I really need to get it together! Although my friend "Amy with the bangs" told me that she was operating in a world of her own time. Others just hadn't caught on yet. I like that theory.

Thank God in 26 hours it will be '09, cause I'm going to be smarter in '09.
Happy New Year if I don't talk to ya before.


Amy Dell said...

Smarter in '09. That's frikkin funny!!! LOL!

Christy said...

Oh boy, that must've been an awkward pick-up, eh? You crack me up! I say it was the dad's fault though, b/c when you called him yesterday (thinking that was the day they were due home) he should've said "so I'll see you tomorrow at 1 o'clock!" Right? I thought so...got you out of that one!

I'm sorry I texted you in the middle of all that--must've been a little crazy w/so much going on...by the way, YOU ROCK!

Kathy S. said...

Oh, Amy. I am cringing with you (and you know what I am talking about). Only 25 hours to go...

Simple Answer said...

Happy New Year! I'm going to be much smarter in 09 as well. I can just sense it.

Sue Jacquette said...

Amy, I just read that post to Jason after prefacing with the story from the day before. We are both sitting here having coffee and laughing. Thanks. Can't wait to see you tonight and see how you get smarter at midnight.

Meredith said...

I'm gonna be smarter in 2009 too. You deserve for 2008 to be totally erased.