Thursday, December 4, 2008


Sometimes you just don't have much to say. I guess that's where I am right now. I guess an update of sorts would work , if anyone cares? I dunno.

So, sadly, Bon Qui Qui (bird #4) did I bypass bird #3 in the blog? I might have, because well, it's stupid. But anyway Bon Qui Qui (the first bird not named Olie) has gone on to a better place.
We did think, "This one's going to make it." I don't think anyone was allowed to touch him. One day, over Thanksgiving break, their (Bird's family, who shall not be named, to protect the not so innocent) little niece was there. She pointed in the cage and in a hushed 8 year old voice said, "Look! Bon Qui Qui is sleeping." Bon Qui Qui was lying on the bottom of the cage, little tiny bird legs pointing straight up to heaven. Yeah, not so much with the sleeping Little Sweetheart. I'm sorry Bon Qui Qui got the san (or is it sam, i've never really known) hell outta there. I don't know why, he lived right above the boxed wine. He should have been happy.

So there's that. Hey, Happy Birthday Lula! This was actually Saige's due date. She was kind enough to come early. She's a good egg.

So, I think one of the reasons I don't have much to say is because December is such a crazy month I really have a hard time focusing on anything but the actual day we are in. We have Saige's birthday, holiday stuff, Hanukah and Christmas. Both which are usually spent (as everyone does) with all different parts of the family at all different times. Saige's birthday starts with the actual day, then the dinner, then the party. Until that party is over (it's Saturday) I cannot even bring myself to think about anything else. It's just the way my mind works. It can only deal with so much at once. When It goes on overdrive, shutdown. So let's just make it til Saturday. That's my goal right now.

That's what I've got. A dead bird and a lot of holidays. Throw in therethat the only show I have watched this week is Greys Anatomy and it is turning out to be a huge bummer. I want some (boxed) wine. Sorry Mark B. Cue gagging!


Kathy S. said...

(To the tune of "Omm Pah Pah" from Oliver!)

Here's a little ditty
About a bird so pretty
She twitters back and forth
While she's singing a song.

Happy she is one day,
As for the next, I can't say.
'cause like the Turkey
She now lays dead on the floor.

Bon Qui Qui
Bon Qui Qui
That's how it goes.
Bon Qui Qui
Bon Qui Qui
Everyone knows.

A bird in that house
Off to heaven it goes...
And so it's with
Bon Qui Qui.

Kathy S. said...

If anyone needs the tune...

PS. Amy - if the box is open, I'll bring my straw!

Amy said...

Kathy, you know how I love a dead bird song. Fortunately there will not be a bird number 5. But on the off chance there are any more dead animals. I would love a rap.
Missed you Wednesday!

Simple Answer said...

Okay, I am so sorry for your misfortune. However, the farewell bird songs have been very amusing!

Anonymous said...

You and Kathy are a hoot! You made lemonade out of lemons! You both are too cool!

Christy said...

What the heck are they feeding those birds?!

I hear you about the December craziness--it's hard to focus on anything else (I bet everyone's blogs have fewer posts during the month of December!)

Thinking of you--enjoy the birthday party! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm totally laughing remembering our over-the-top impression of Mark B.'s reaction to the boxed wine. Which gets me thinking of our past exploits.
Do you think that had there been youtube back in the day before kids/jobs/bills/responsibilities that we would be QUEENS of that particular genre? God, we'd get so many hits! In a good way, that is....

Anonymous said...

oh, amy. i am so with you on the lack of focus in december. my brain is being held together by tiny bread twistie ties, which are threatening to snap at any moment. hold together, little ties. too much happening at one time. just remember that a box o'wine can help calm raw holiday nerves. i plan on testing that theory out tonight. xo

is it wrong that i already knew the tune of kathy s's ditty? :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Amy,

This is Lt. Steph Rickman, Philadelphia Police Department, Animal Homicide Division. We have been monitoring this blog and we would like to speak to your friend that is killing the birds. Where by you and your friends may find the death of some helpless animals amusing we take animal cruelty very serious.

We would like to have you and the other suspects come down to the city for questioning...immediately.

Lt. Steph Rickman

Lula! said...

You've got animal homicide up in here, Amy. Oh my head, I am cracking up. At that, not your deceased bird.

You are busy. Wow, reading this made me tired. Bless your heart.

I will drink boxed wine with you. 'Cause I think it would taste swell if I were with you. Yep.

Meredith said...

Love that the bird was named Bon Qui Qui - 'complicated order - Security' lol... (I'm thinking you will get the reference?)

I haven't had boxed wine since college but I hear Target has a nice vintage chardonnay.

Amy said...

I'm sorry is this the same Officer from that party down in the city? I thought your name was Mitch. I do like the name Steph though. It's one of those could go either way names. So, don't call me about the bird. I'm only the messanger. You know who the culprits are, facebook them!

Meredith said...

If those people buy another bird, I am going to have to report them to the SPCA. I mean it!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Mom, this is Lt. Rickman. I didn't realize that you knew the people killing the birds. I am going to have to ask you and your daughter to come in for questioning. We know who is killing the birds, however we have a few additional questions for you.
1. Do they speak about getting any new animals? This includes; fish, turtles, snakes or any other exotic animal.
2. We know one of them is a doctor so we have reason to believe they may be killing these animals and using the parts in some kind of freaky medical experiment.
Any other information will be a help.

Dave S said...

OK, this was your best yet Amy. I will admit, really laughing out loud. Promise promise promise. NO MORE BIRDS. I think we should get a little reprieve. Had a goldfish live 7 years and fish making babies like crazy over here. Please tell Lt Rickman or is it Mitch we're done with anything with feathers over here.

Rosso said...

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