Thursday, December 18, 2008

Questionably Funny?

There are many many things I find really funny. A lot of them are just so wrong that sometimes it makes me wonder about myself. The thing is, all my friends seem to find the same things funny. Whether it be the Jesus statue getting stolen out of the little old lady with all those dogs yard or Will Ferrel picturing Jesus as a mischievous beaver (or was that the other guy). Everyone gets it.

Now it's not like my friends are all rocket scientists and Rhodes Scholars. Sure, there is the stray doctor and elementary school teacher in there :). Is this why? Are we all just stupid? Do really smart people laugh every time they see Wedding Crashers? Do those people giggle every time Will says, "I almost numchucked you man?" or when Bon Qui Qui says the blond women bit her? I don't know. I don't know who to ask.

I will say, to add to my questionable adult status... (in facebook speak) Amy is...... loving when her friends write those movie quotations on her wall. Why? It just makes me laugh. I wonder though, do you guys know them by heart or did you have to look them up? There were a couple long ones on there. I was oddly impressed.

Now before I post this I need to go check if I spelled Rhodes right for my Rhodes scholar reference, cause seriously, that would be really dumb. The very least I could do is spell would think.

Entertain me with your funny.
And Chris, no one wants to hear any more Amy Legend. Especially if it has to do with empty soda bottle and half chewed packs of gum!


Kathy S. said...

Are you kidding me???? Amy, you are a legend and, yes, Brother Chris, we do want to hear more.

Kathy S. said...

Zoolander: Ben Stiller working in the coal mine. A classic.

Christy said...

My guess, is yes, we are all IDIOTS (except for Sue :) And did you see that movie Step Brothers w/Wlll Ferrell? OMG--I am seriously embarrassed at how hard I laughed at that movie! BOTH TIMES I saw it.

Kathy S. said...

Me again, Amy. But how can there be only 3 comments on this one? Is no one else willing to admit to the sick depths of their humor? I mean it's not like anyone stoops so low as to make fun of poor little dead birds.... Oh, wait....

Speaking of Tweeters biting the dust (nice on topic seque, huh?), Hubby and I flipped through the channels and found Dumb & Dumber last night (Yup - just showing my Mensa traits). Bad guys off the little bird to "send a message." I started singing Bon Qui Qui, through tears of laughter. Hubby started calling "those nice men with the special cozy coat".

Anonymous said...

I always giggle at "duty", if this helps, Kathy S.....

Tiffany said...

If you're stupid, than I'm stupid cause that sh*t cracks me up. When Vince Vaughn starts the whole "Let's just put in a for a minute" monologue in wedding crashers, I die.

Is it sad that I laughed out loud like 5 times last night during a 30 Rock episode I had already seen?

Brother Chris said...

Hi Amy Legend Fans -

I was going to start you off in the days of yore with one of the family's favorites called "The pencil that just wouldn't write unless you pushed down really hard". Amy, I'm certain, has fond recollections of this little gem from when she was just a wee sprout.

Now, for some points of order on this current entry. Yes Amelia, "Rhodes" was spelled correctly and as I read it real-time I felt a slight pinge in my anterior cortex signalling slight surprise that I was not reading "Roads Scholar". Additionally, there is no funnier moment in WC, than when the wacko's gay brother wants to play "Tummy Sticks" with VV - gets me every time.

Anyone wanting to recount great, funny lines from movies of the past has found a willing dance partner in me. How about the "Twin-Sub Z's" in the house that Owen Wison built in MTP? If I remember correctly he was able to salvage much of the timber used for framing from an old Seaman's Chapel in Nantucket. What a hoot.

Lula! said...

You know a "Tiny Dancer" sing along is freaking brilliant.

One movie we haven't discussed...and our friendship hinges upon this one, Amy.

Better Off Dead.

It's so freakin' quotable. It's so freakin' hysterical.
"Do you realize the street value of this mountain???"

I die. Every time.