Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yay! It's Not A Snow Day!

That's awful right? It's just I'm so happy. I actually feel giddy. Lot's of time's our school makes some questionable calls for snow days. This could very well have been one of them. I teach this morning. It would have been a huge hassle, but guess what? I don't even have to think about it because in 9 minutes I'm going to go upstairs and wake everyone up. Then I'm going to throw some food at them and tell them to, "Get their book bags, get their pledge class and get the hell out of my house." Just like the good old days during pledging. Right Jen? Right Jami? Right Kathy? Remember how much fun that was? Fortunately I was just a reporter, so it didn't really bother me. Except for that pesky little green beanies and some of those bitchier sisters.

Do you know my mom called me during pledging and had a yellow legal pad out with questions to ask me? She didn't want to forget her bullet points. My brother Chris must have been home at the time because he has laughed about this for years.
So my Mom asked me, "Amy, are they making you do anything dangerous?"
"" I said.
Okay, check that off the list.
"Amy, are they making you do anything immoral?"
"Hmmmm... as opposed to the usual college immoral stuff? I don't think so."
Okay, check that off the list.
"Amy, are they making you do anything illegal?"
"Well, I don't think so. We're not counting underage drinking right? If that doesn't count then I guess it's all on the up and up."
Check that off the list.
Three important question.
I love you Mommy.
Okay, school time.
Jen, did you like this?


Meredith said...

Yes, but dear, what you fail to mention was that you called home every night practically hysterical, crying, sobbing, swearing you couldn't do it any more. As I recall, they made you run all the way up a steep hill in your pajamas at one point. No wonder we were worried. Chris's reaction is another story.

Amy said...

I did forget that part Mom! I only remember the good things. I think that comes from a genetic gift I got from you.
Would running up a steep hill in my pajamas count as Immoral, illegal or dangerous? :)

Anonymous said...

Well, so the real story emerges, hmmm? Thanks Mer! I knew our little Amy would try to put her brave face on for her blogfans! Your pledge class got off easy; they put the kibosh on hazing after my class. But, I must say I have very fond memories of Heidi, Courtney, Michelle, Ang, Jackie, Jule and I wading waist deep in the Susquehanna River at 4 am...Ahhh, the good ole' days.Immoral? Nah. More like immoralish..illegal? Nope. Illegalish.Dangerous? Try again. Dangerousish. (We saved the real good stuff until after became sistahs)...It's all in the way ya tells yer story.

Simple Answer said...

Wow. I think the toughest thing we had to do was attend a meeting in no make-up.

Meredith said...

And this would be the reason I didn't join a sorority....that and I couldn't make it past day 2 during rush. I simply do not have it in me to be nice to people I don't like in the first place and I got the feeling they were going to expect a lot of that!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mom,

As an alumnus of Bloomsburg University I would like to weigh in. When I was at BU many of the guys in my fraternity were “friendly” with many of your daughter’s sisters. As my room was in the front of our frat house I was often woken up by the pitter pat of young women coming and leaving our home. Many times, many, many times they were from your daughter’s sorority.

I cannot speak for our little angel Amy, but I can speak for what I saw from her sisters and when I tell you; illegal, immoral and dangerous would be an understatement. I would add debaucherous, precarious and at time self-destructive.

While Amy, I am sure, was home studying, illegal, immoral and dangerous activities never happened! And I never participated in any of them….Wink, Wink.

Merry XMAS Mom

Christy said...

I always wondered what went on during pledging...I did the whole rushing thing (is that what you call it when you go & meet all the girls from the different sororities?) but I decided not to pledge. Looks like I missed out on some awesome work outs in my jammies though!

Amy said...

First off Jen, are you the grandparent that had to walk three miles in the freezing cold to get to school? "Put the kibosh on hazing?" Whatever. I don't remember that Aimee chick being your Pledge Mistress. She was a hardass. I do like your -ish words though.

And Anonymous, Do you think my Mom wants to hear that? Of course she knows I was home studying. I was an Art Major for Gods sake, all I did was study! I'm sure you were busy studying in your room when all these "said" sisters o' mine were slinking around the place. FYI Anonymous above you is a little upset about that. But you two hash that out amongst yourselves. I need to go to Mickey. After he wrote on my blog yesterday I can't get him to shut up. :)

Lula! said...

Please write a book about this...'cause I'd love to know about all that deep, dark, secret sorority stuff that takes place behind closed doors.

During pledging I mean. Get your head out of the gutter.

Kathy S. said...

Running up a hill in your PJs..... Little did you know that you would be doing this on a daily basis (up the hill to the bus stop, in PJs, carrying forgotten Lunch, Backpack, Homework.) Hey, at least in during pledging they gave us a beer for our efforts...

Tiffany said...

Ah pledging. I didn't go the sorority route, but I remember hearing about pledges having to write their weight on their fore head in sharpie. Yikes.

Brother Chris said...

To be fair, my reaction was of great concern when we began receiving distress calls from Amy. My older brother Scott had warned his younger siblings that the, shall we say heavyset? sorority sisters were among the meanest forms of humanity walking on earth. When our dear Amy seemed to be taking an emotional battering, the Bradbury clan rallied around her.

It was only after the fireworks calmed down that I noticed the humor in the way the project was coordinated from HQ on Black Swan Lane by Generals Bill and Meredith. There was discussion, Meredith took minutes, then we got the legal pad into clear concise sections - much like an outline for a book report or essay. As each item (Immoral, Illegal, Dangerous) was covered we'd all agree that item could be struck and it was okay to move on.

The whole process itself seemed to calm dear Amy and in the days that have passed this entry has just been added as a chapter in the Amy Book of Legends - which if any of you have interest I could recount in wonderfully rich detail.