Friday, April 24, 2009

Prelude to Summer

This is teacher conference week. That means not much school. It was chilly yesterday but that didn't stop the girls from trying to get a tan. Cause you know, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

When I was younger though I didn't have a laptop to lie out with. It was called a transistor radio. Or a cassette player. Just details I guess. However, she did ask me for tin foil. Now there are no albums around my house so I am not sure how she was going to set this up as a sun reflector, I did say, "No." I know what would have happened, they would have tired of or forgotten about it and it would have ended up blowing around my backyard. Kids these days don't have the dedication we did back in the "olden days." There could have been an errant snow flake but if the sun was shining brightly in late April we would have been out on those uncomfortable plastic striped lawn chairs with Crisco oil and and tin foil covered album covers just sizzling away from 10 am until the bell rang and the sun moved around the house. They used a towel as a blanket yesterday! I need to spend more time parenting so I can show then how it's done. Thank God it's going to be in the 80's this weekend.

After their pseudo lie out session they decided to raid my closet to play what they called, "Dress like a hippie!"
"Will you take our picture Mom?"
"But of course."

I call this, "My Headband Makes Me A Hippie."

"Hippie With Killer Shoes."

The scariest and strangely most comforting part is they do fit in my shoes. But if they fit in them at 11, that means their feet will be to big in high school. Bummer. Not.


Kathy said...

It's so cute to watch rookies attempt to "Lay Out."

But seriously Amy...No Lemon Juice for highlights? No watch to know when to Flip Over? You really need to start their education now or, later on when in college, they will commit the ultimate faux pas and schedule a class spring semester during the hours between 11 and 1.

Amy said...

Good points Kathy!

Lemon juice or sun it. Remember sun in?
The flip is muy importante.

I think perhaps since they seem to be doing away with Science in their school maybe you and I could go teach them something of value. How to get a good tan in order to get the hot guy on the boardwalk. :)
Now that's learning.

And only a numbskull schedules a class during prime tanning hours!

Meredith said...

Very cute. Love the headband and backdrop. By "killer shoes," do you mean Mickey?

Kathy said...

Sniff, sniff right. Sniff, sniff left. Nope, deodorant is working. Hand to mouth. Exhale. Sniff. Nope, still minty fresh.

Sorry Amy, I'm not sure why the comment room has been so empty...... Perhaps every one is laying out Old School Style (ie - no WiFi)...

Sue Jacquette said...

So fun.

Mark said...

I was never much of a tanner, so I don't have a lot to say on this subject. Blasphemy here, but the only time laying out in the sun is truly fun is if there are cocktails, lifeguards and an ocean or pool to jump into every now and again to cool off. (I'm really hoping you aren't serving the girls cocktails, Amy.) Living in NYC, there are some parks to lay out in, but there's no drinking outside. Well, not legally anyway. On occasion, I may have added a little peach vodka to my iced tea bottle (try it, you'll like it), but mostly I don't tan in the city. Well, unless I've got a date, but then it's just three 20-minute sessions in a tanning bed. It's efficient, there's no need to turn over at the appropriate time, you can listen to tunes, nap, and even take in a cocktail if you're a lush. And, there's always the cute guy at the front desk if you need to practice flirting for the real world.

Lula! said...

Um...are those your shoes Saige's friend is wearing? And are they Marc Jacobs? And can I borrow? They are FANTASTIC!!!

Baby oil, Sun-In, and a small radio, blasting American Top 40. Those are my memories of the early 80's.

Amywhomissesgrass said...

I know what I used tinfoil for in my younger years... I'm just saying... ok, well I guess I should clarify since I'm sensing that you MAY think I'm talking about herion, but I'm talking about pot. Wacky Tobaccay. xoxo