Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Utter Nonsense

It's been like summer here for the past few days. We went from nasty to gorgeous in what seemed like a matter of minutes. Fine with me. I'll take hot, all day, everyday. Cold is stupid.

What does one do when one is faced with a summers day in April?
One idea is to get the illegal poultry you share quarters with and let them see the light of day.

This is a very normal thing for a very normal friend of mine to do. The funny thing is about the so called, "Crazy" person is that I have found over the last couple days that it seems that a lot times that slight insanity is mixed with genius. Because only a stone cold smartie could make this:

this is the most insanely cool chandelier. Yup, Kooky made it. All while caring for the Emu's she lives with, non schooling her wee ones and painting her entire house. I'm pretty sure her husband just sat there the whole time with his feet up, drinking beer watching football. Is football still on right now, or did the Stanley Cup already happen for the year? He's so lazy! He's a blog post all unto itself. I swear Tom couldn't be more of a meathead. I know he takes steroids. For real real.

When the hazy days of Sprimmer start to drag on, and all your light fixtures have been made and your walls have been painted and your window boas formed what would you do?
Here's an idea!
Chase the chickens.
Chase them good.
Make them jump up in glee!
They love it!
It's totally legal to tease chickens in the borough. I'm positive cause when Arlen was an elephant he had no opinion about chickens, their paths just didn't cross, but when he turned donkey he thought back to those days on the farm and said, "Do whatever you want! Chickens are related to roosters and they get up to early." Total sense to me...


Kooky said...

Thank you, I think. "Tom"? Not so quick with the thanks. Except for the steroids bit. He liked that.

Amy said...

Names were changed to protect the innocent. We all know his real name is BoJangles.

Kathy said...

We love to chase fugitive chickens!! It's even more fun than than milking a pig.

Lyrics for today:

Philadelphia Chickens!
Swing, slide, and roll.
Philadelphia Chickens!
Up, over, and stroll.
If you want to start
moving like anything,
find a Philadelphia Chicken
to teach you to swing.

- Boynton/Bacon Bros.

Amy said...

Milking a pig? You just made me spit my coffee.

Twist, have you heard of this?

If Kathy comes over keep an eye on those chickens. :)

Sue Jacquette said...

Wow, Amy. Where are your meds? You need them.

twist said...

You know, Kathy, John warned me that these chickens were not to be "gateway" animals and, of course, I see his warning as a challenge. You bring the pigs, we'll milk 'em. Oh, the lengths we'll go to to entertain Amy...

twist said...

Sue, I just talked to Amy and I do believe she is off her meds. Can you imagine dreaming THIS up? And she's way off about Arlen Specter - I believe he said that a single chicken killed JFK, NOT that teasing chickens is OK. Coo-coo bird.

Kathy said...

Twist, I think you mean KFC........

Kathy said...

Oh, and also Amy, of course you can milk a pig. It is the fourth competitive phase of the the Hillbilly Pentathlon. Comes right after Possum Lassoing, right before Pull-The-Tail-on-the-Skunk. (You can guess why this event is the final one......)

Lula! said...

"Sprimmer!" BRILLIANT! Did you make that up, Amy? 'Cause I'm totally using it from now on.

And cold is stupid, indeed. I say that all the time. I'd rather be hot than cold anyday.

p.s. I have chicken marinating for dinner tonight. Just sayin'.

Christy said...

Ha! Chasing chickens...that's my favorite! And that is one awesome chandelier!