Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Micken Rolled In Something Dead

He sure did. I was out weeding. This is enough to get a gasp out of a couple of you. Weeding is outside work. I usually frown upon that. I shake my head and whisper a very polite but firm, "No." For good reason. If I touch the wrong thing I break out in big yellow bubbles all over any exposed skin and then I have to take steroids. "Convenient." Perhaps. But true.

Yesterday I had enough. The never ending rain has brought more weeds than I have ever seen. I decided to do some "outside work" so I got some gloves and some clippers and starting cutting and pulling.

Mickey was out with me rolling around, looking so happy. I thought he was just so glad to be out front with me in the sun. He came running over to me, wiggling and shaking and his whole head was black and he smelled like I had kept a dead animal in the trash can under the counter for a week. I gagged like my friend Ashley does, which is really annoying.

He got a bath. It was gross.

I was right. Outside work is stupid.


Kathy said...

Repeat after me:

"Weeds is a TV show that can be enjoyed inside, without gloves, hives, or dead animals (Lucy's rat not included)."

twist said...

"If you touch the wrong thing?" You mean if you fail to learn poison ivy from onion grass after almost 40 years? And dude, you should seriously count your blessings that you were outside working. Think of it: you're lying out, catching a few rays, completely off-guard when the dead-squirrel-covered-genetically engineered-and-consequently-completely-brainless-and-mannerless Micken wags his whole disgusting self right up to your dreamily dozing face? EW. And let's not even cover indoor scenarios.

Meredith said...

And yet. . .he's still so cute.

twist said...

funny more people didn't want to talk about the stinkin' micken, dontcha think?

Amy said...

It is weird that more people didn't chime in about Sinky Minky. I swear, give them a half chicken half dog and they eat it up, throw a little dead animal in there and they avoid it like the plague! Thank God I have you and Kathy and my Mom.