Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Most Important Job In the World

I have a totally fancy friend. I have talked about her before. She is a famous fabric designer. She sells her designs to Oscar de la Rente. She has a store in Istanbul where she lives. She travels the world to stock the store. She is very impressive. Since we have been friends for forever and a day I am lucky enough to be able to go hang with her in Turkey during the summer.

Each time I have gone we have had dinner with interesting foreign people who have interesting foreign lives and it's great fun. The last time my daughter and I were there we went out with my friend and her boyfriend and a very odd couple that weren't married to each other (although his wife did show up at the restaurant and start yelling at the them, but that's a whole other blog post, although I will say while the man was getting yelled at by his wife and his girlfriend was sitting at the table looking uncomfortable my friend Elizabeth and I took that opportunity to eat the rest of his food off his plate). At any rate there was also another friend of Elizabeth's named Mashala.

Now since none of you are Turkish (except you Asude) I will tell you about the name Mashala. It's not really a name, it's more something you say when like a baby is born and you are wishing it all the best or for God to be with it, or something like that. You look at the baby all goofy and spread your arms out wide and say, "Mashala." Now you can't say the only thing I have taught you is a one handed hand stand (or did you teach that to me?) reeling it back in, so I think since his name is Mashala he is super smart and knows what he's talking about. Just like my sons name is Chase so he's good at playing tag.

So we are out to dinner and my fancy friend with her high falooting job is sitting there and Mashala asks me what I do besides be the mother to the incredibly beautiful Saige. I say, "Well, Mashala (just cause I like how it sounds) I teach yoga."
"TEACH YOGA? You teach yoga? Really?"
"I do," I say.
His eyes get all wide and he says with more conviction than I've heard people say their wedding vows, "I think teaching yoga is the most important job in the world!"
"Me too!" I agree.
Elizabeth rolls her eyes.
"Really," he says in that lovely Turkish accent, "It is so important for people to breathe and to stretch and to do yoga, there is much stress, is that the word you use? Much stress. People need yoga teachers." he says.

I'm going one step further and saying, the world needs yoga teachers. The universe needs yoga teachers.
We also need a designated siesta time and cocktail hour.
Yoga teachers, siesta time and cocktail hour. That's all we need. That and this ashtray. That's all we need. And this chair....

Was this okay Twist and Kathy?


Wow, that was awkward said...

You are a Turkey.

Jules said...

I think teaching yoga is an awesome job. And that reminds me that I need to actually go to my yoga class again.
And I want to hear the story about that dinner.....

Kathy said...

Hey, who am I to argue with someone named "Mashala". (grin)

And yes, this is a lovely post to read while drinking my morning coffee.

Luv you!

twist said...

Entertaining, yes; but my pants are still dry.

Lula! said...

Honestly, I love that you ate all of that dude's food off his plate while his wife was screaming at him. That's just all kinds of awesome.

(Yes, this is me--picking up on the swiping of the food part of the story.)

One day I'll do yoga...and think of you, and how I long to experience yoga with you. Amen.

Simple Answer said...

First, my friend just bought a necklace this week that says Masha Allah. Here in Jordan, if you compliment someone, you should say "You're baby is so beautiful, Masha Allah" so that they know you aren't putting the evil eye on the baby. If you don't say it - the mother should - to protect the baby from the evil eye. Who knew a jewelry purchase spread such wisdom? We should all buy more jewelry.

I think yoga instructor has to go to the top of best things to be when you grow up. Stress sucks. Flexibility is key.

Amy said...

Yes SA! I didn't know it was two words. That's exactly right.
I have many evil eyes from Turkey. They work!

Christy said...

I think that yoga teachers are awesome...especially you! And I am all for mandatory naps and cocktail hour...especially cocktail hour!

PS can i come to Turkey with you?