Monday, May 4, 2009


The word Abracadabra comes from an ancient Aramaic expression, "I speak as I create."

How's that for magical?
I like magic. I like spiritual stuff. I like past lives, angels, clairvoyants, reiki masters and long walks on the beach.

I don't like...when dogs get sick, the smell of wet dogs or muddy footprints.

I think I am going to start using the term abracadabra a lot more in my everyday conversation. I am going to say it as I am whipping up a breakfast feast for my children. I am going to say it as I write this blog, I am going to say it before I decide the flow of my next yoga class and I am even going to say it as I write notes to the school explaining why my kids are late today. I will be honest but creative because the reason they are going to be late is it is raining and I am letting them sleep in. Is that a valid reason for lateness? A rainy Monday morning. I'm not sure. I think it is. I can't be sure though, I threw away that school handbook years ago. It was very bulky.

My Mom used to give us "Personal Days," when we were kids. Days where we just stayed home from school and watched Gilligans Island and played tag around her room. We weren't sick. She just thought we needed a little personal time. I love that. I am more about a little sleeping in because it seems the schools give a lot of days off just because.

So, Abracadabra have a great day. Abracadabra stop the rain. Abracadabra do my laundry.


Kathy said...

Abracadabra! Make tonight's dinner.

Anonymous said...

Abracadabra stock my cabinets with groceries! I love that! AND I love that your mom gave you personal days!!! We get those as adults, so why not as kids??

I'm completely into past lives, reiki, yoga, etc. LOVE all of that stuff too!

Anonymous said...

abracadabra...find my missing wedding files. i love this post. and i love that your mom gave you personal days. and i love all the stuff that you love, too. i think maybe we are overdue for a reading, no?


Christy said...

I like it! I'll like it even better if it works!