Monday, May 25, 2009

A Much Needed Laugh

My last post title was something about it being Monday. It's Monday now and that post seems like a lifetime ago. I took a little vacation from the internet. It's gorgeous outside, there's gardening to do. I do recall saying a couple posts ago that I hate outside work. I changed my mind about that this week. I like it. I like picking those weeds and making it look clean. I like trimming things back and raking the leaves from way under the bushes. I especially like planting lavender. I love lavender. I like hot pink flowers. I like the fresh air. I like seeing my neighbors outside after a long Winter and a rainy Spring. I like the whole thing.

So that's what I did.

It was one of those weeks I didn't sleep much. I pulled a muscle in my calf so that makes running very uncomfortable. I have a million things going through my mind all the time. It doesn't stop. Running makes it stop, when I can't do that it makes me a little jumpy. I found that if I just put my headphones on and listened to some music and pull some weeds it can have a small degree of the same effect. I sang while I worked outside. My dog Mickey sat with me the whole time and let the Spring breeze blow through his freshly sheared sheep fur. I tried to talk my kids into helping when they would come ask me something, not a lot of interest there. Oh well.

It's hot at night. The air is on but it's still hot. It makes it hard to sleep. I want time to stand still but I also want it to pass. My big dog started having seizures a few weeks ago. It scares me and makes me sad.
Today four friends of my daughters that went to pre school together were over. They are all so tall. They are young ladies. It makes me happy but sad. Bittersweet.

That's where I've been Twist and Kathy. Thinking, not running, weeding, worrying about my dog, watching my children grow faster than the weeds in my front flower bed.

Which brings me to the title of this post. So tonight I'm sitting outside with my dear friend. My kids were with us, talking and joking and just being there. It was a very nice ending to the long weekend.

Then they started bickering. Something about Chase throwing grapes in the pool and wearing shorts to swim instead of a bathing suit to the girls could see his "butt crack."
"Time for bed," I said. "When you start bickering you're outta here."
Chase was tired. He kissed me and went right up.
Saige walked over between Ashley and I, she started telling us something. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek then she leaned in to Kiss Ash and it was at the moment I saw it...

The longest toilet paper tail I have seen in a good long while hanging right out of the back of her shorts. Ah yes, juvenile but funny none the less. This brought on a lot of laughter and some sage advice for Saige.
"Don't be THAT girl," Ashley said.
"What girl?" asked Saige.
"The one at the wedding that gets their dress stuck in the back of their pantyhose and walks around with their butt showing to everyone all night cause no one wants it to end," Ashley informs her.
"Oh dear," Saige said still a little red from the "tail" incident.
"Talk about butt cracks...."


Kathy said...

Too Cute.

Kathy said...

"Too Cute" refers to Saige - may this be the most embarrassing thing that you do. Mind you it won't be, but you can still hope for the best.

Christy said...

I'm with Kathy--if that's the most embarrassing thing that happens to her, she's all set! Sadly, that was not the case with me!

Glad you enjoyed working out in the yard--you've got a lot going on & you need a respite. I hope your calf is on the mend. :)

Lula! said...

You have the best kids--soooo witty.

And I have TONS of hot pink flowers, all over this yard and in pots...geraniums, begonias, vinca...come visit...we'll drink wine and enjoy the color. And you can tell me about planting lavender--cause I've never grown it.

Wow, that was awkward said...

Lovely post on all fronts and a good laugh to end. Perhaps your new career should be in comedy - if that undercover cop thing doesn't work out.