Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stupid Questions

I have completely admitted before that my parental skills might be somewhat lacking. I let my kids listen to questionable music (if I enjoy it).

Not only do I enjoy the Will Ferrell/Owen Wilson genre of movies but it is normal to have lines from Starsky and Hutch, Talledaga Nights and occasionally Old School among others used in casual conversation in my home.

I let my kids sleep in almost every Monday (I do my best to get them to school on time.-to my credit).

I let my daughter have double sleepovers almost every weekend.

I overlook curse words from boys if they are only in the company of boys. I draw the line at mixed company.

The list could go on and on but I don't want any of you calling some sort of lackadaisical parental unit. That's just a lot of hassle I don't feel like dealing with.

You know what else I hate dealing with? Stupid ass questions that parents ask in school meetings when there are 200 other people in the room. Who doesn't understand yet when you have been to 7+ years of these meetings about asking on YOUR OWN TIME?
E mail them.
Stay after.
Place a phone call.
I swear to God the minute the speaker person asks if there are any questions in the room, inadvertently my eyes look down and roll, I start to doodle if I am lucky enough to have a pen and I probably mumble under my breath. I don't mean to be a bitch (yes I do) but there is such a thing as a stupid question. Who ever said there wasn't is an idiot.
Tonight at the middle school meeting after 17 other inane questions someone asked, "Um, can you tell me how much the text books weigh?"

You know what went through my head? "Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. We've already been here to long. I'm bored. Who cares how much they weigh? How much do you weigh? Shut up."

You know why?
I'm a bad parent.

As per Kathy's suggestion: the one way to solve this dilemma with stupid question askers...


twist said...

Can I come to the next meeting with you? You KNOW it'd fun.

twist said...

Be. Be fun. You KNOW it'd BE fun.

Amy said...

I'd get in trouble if I were with you. You're a home schooler. Your kids wouldn't care. People would whisper behind my back, "Did you see those two weird women? The one had a pierced nose and tattoos and the other one was standing on hands and making rude hand gestures, they were both laughing the whole time? What bitches?"

Oh wait, that's happened before.:)

Kathy said...

Next time you should challenge the obnoxious questioner to a "Walk Off".

Kathy said...

If you need some inspiration

Lora said...

two things. I'm watching Starsky and Hutch right now.

I hate 88% of all the moms out there because they aren't you and me.
12% of all moms is a lot of moms, so I'm in pretty good, solid company.

Wow, that was awkward said...

That meeting sounded painful. I'm surprised you didn't do some sort of kung fu yoga move on the text book weight question asker.

And on the parenting, you sound like you are doing great. Thank the baby jesus and let's go streaking!

Anonymous said...

As a teacher, I LOVE parents like you. That's a dumb ass question. How the heck do I know? Go home and weigh it! Stupid parent who asked that.
And you're a good parent if you even go to those meetings. Most people don't.

Amyhurryupandshutup said...

One... I NEVER go to dumb ass meetings like that. What are they for anyway? It's a total waste of time. Two- if I ever did decide to go, I'd do like I do at everything else- leave the second the speaker starts giving obvious ending remarks. ESPECIALLY the "Does anyone have any questions?" remark. Is it rude? Who gives a shit? If the parents already think your a weird witchy bitchy yogi, what've you got to loose? I'll tell you what you have to loose, the pleasure of walking the hell out while everyone else squeezes their butt cheeks in frustration at the temp in the room and the smell from their neighbor. Well, damn. I didn't know I had all that inside me this morning! I REALLY hate public meetings and basically being in public in general. LOL! Ok, now I'm exaggerating... a little.

twist said...

Hey, when are you going to do a new post? What's it going to be about? Something funny? Will it make me laugh? How hard? A chuckle sort of laugh or will I wet my pants? If I wet my pants, can I borrow yours? Can they be yoga pants so I can accidentally keep them forever? Do you have any tops to go with them? In a vibrant shade? Purple? Hot Pink, maybe? Should I wear them to Brock and Krista? Are we going to Brock and Krista? It's Sunday, not the Saturday of my niece's wedding, right? So, do you still want to go? (Is that a stupid question? I mean, I'm going, so of course you'd wnat to go too, right?) Have you written that new post yet? When should I check back? Now? Is NOW good?

Kathy said...

What Twist said.