Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New York: This is A Long Story

Ok, Suzie, I will talk New York, New York, the city of dreams... For you. Cause you know why? Everybody's got a dream! Can anyone name that movie line? It's from our most talked about movie of the weekend, but we'll get to that later.

Asude and I went to New York to see my gorgeous gay brother that every woman and man I know gets a crush on. Since I was a little kid and my friend Laura ran up to him, grabbed his arm and kissed it. I guess that's what happen when your soul is so pure. It radiates. Anyway, enough gushing about Mark. This isn't about him! Well, not this part, not yet.

So we also went to meet Christy and went from cyberspace to IRL friends with her! We met her at a bar. We had planned on being totally normal and showing that internet friends aren't crazy axe murders IRL (fingers crossed, right? :) ). Unfortunately our plan was foiled because on the way up to the city I heard some disturbing news. This news sent me into a little bit of shock. Sue had to take over driving. Sue had to be our adult supervision. Sue is known to put away nine cocktails in a night. :) Uh oh...
So we had a great dinner with beautiful Christy. She was fun. She didn't even seem to mind our craziness. We bar hopped. I did a few handstands. Sue made us laugh. Then Marc and Kevin showed up. That's when we thought we lost her.
The five of us went to another bar. Mark ordered us wine and cheese cause we are very civilized in my family. The only thing is this was about our fourth bar and people like to buy drinks for you when you do handstands so we were verging on silly. Christy went to the bathroom and we thought we lost her. Sue looked at me and said, "Was I to loud? Did I scare her away?"
She came back!
She liked us. Right Christy? You did right?
We love you!
We finished off the night at a gay bar where it took all of 30 seconds to find a gay boyfriend. Sue and I didn't stay long though. We decided to call it a night.
We went back to my brothers apartment, fell asleep and accidently locked out my brother for the night. Whoopsie.
New York- The first Five Hours!
Tomorrow Suzy, the boot story.


Mark said...

Amy, my soul radiates most when it's in your presence. Somehow, you manage to bring out the best in me. You also bring out the lunacy, which is a little frightening at times, but whatever. I love you, and I love your visits to NY. Come back soon.

Billy Yorn said...

I prefer chainsaws.

Amy said...

No Billy! I prefer chainsaws!

Billy Yorn said...

Discrepancy! Stop being combative. I am all about chainsaws. You are the wood chipper-er.

Sue said...

don't forget to start tomorrows story with me, the morning after drinking 2 white wines, a mojito, a cosmo, a crazy pineapple vodka drink, two glasses of red wine, and two beers, didn't throw up or get hung over. I win.

And I think Christy was just being nice. I scared her off. I was a hot mess. You were brilliant. Her husband came to save her!

You forgot to mention the dorky guy doing handstand pushups and he bet you couldn't do them and you did more than him.

AND you forgot to set up the boots with me talking about them in the car on the way up and at the bar with your brother and Kevin. sheesh Amy, do I need to write this myself?!?!

Oh, and when you post a pic of the boots, please crop out my rained on mess of top half!

Amy said...

Sue, I am just going to copy and paste this into tomorrows post.
And Billy! I have never gone all Fargo on anyone. I like a good old poisonous frog just as much as the next guy.

Christy said...

I thought I did so well at concealing the scared part...jesus, I guess I won't be winning any Oscars. The truth is I was so blown away by the hotness of the two of you that I had to keep running to the bathroom and fixing my make-up in a futile attempt to be presentable. :-)

The truth is, I had a fabulous time, craziness and all. I wouldn't have it any other way. You all were fabulous and I just wish we had more time to hang out. I think I scared your brother and Kevin with all my gushing...what can you do? That's what happens when I have 1 or 12 drinks.

I loved you all--you're especially fabulous. And pretty. And you kick ASS at handstand push ups!

Kathy said...

Boots? Did someone say Boots?

Amy said...

Oh Christy. We loved you. We can't apologize enough that some times we get our party on. But I will say, you hung right in there. Cocktail to cocktail.

Let's just do it again soon. You are beautiful. If I tell you once, I'll tell you a hundred times. Perfect.

And Kathy, I did say boots! See above.
I'm back now btw...