Thursday, October 1, 2009

Twisting the Day Around

Yesterday started out a little rocky. It could have gone one of two ways, like they all can, up or down there Twisty, just like a handstand can go. I chose up. It looked a little shaky there for a bit but in the end it was all good.
I couldn't seem to get out of the house yesterday morning. I had a long list of things to do (you know, like a million) and I needed all the time I could wring out of the day. It just wasn't taking though! I kept getting side tracked. So finally I was ready to go. The pool guys were in the back yard closing the pool for the season (cause I live in one of those states where it gets cold) and I had my gym bag ready to go and was on the phone with a really awesome friend of mine that I haven't talked to in a while. I was so happy chatting away, while trying to get out the door.
I was putting my big German Shepherd in the mudroom (cause the pool guys were outside in her backyard and she can't be trusted anywhere near the kitchen without adult supervision) to stay while I was gone. All of the sudden she started to spin around and fell hard on the floor. She was having a seizure. This is very scary to see. It's also scary when it's over because her brain has to regulate itself from where ever she has gone and it can be a little unnerving because she is very agitated. Once she came out of it and was a trying to come back I got her to eat two valium (yum) and started to clean up. That was almost the last of the valium. She needs that! I called the vet. I am going to get her some more. Now, not that I care about this, but did you know dog valium and people valium are the same thing? Just a side note there.
Then I got it all together and she was calm and I made her a comfy spot and she rested while she was in there and probably didn't mind being inside while the men closed the pool at all cause she was all relaxed and comfy. So that could be considered good.
I finally left. When I got halfway to the gym I looked down on the seat next to me and realized my wallet wasn't there. I totally knew it was gone. I had a feeling it wasn't going to have fallen between the seats. A little something in my head told me I had left it somewhere. I mentally retraced my steps and saw it in the front of the grocery cart the night before. My daughter had called me right when I was unloading the groceries in the car and I got distracted and left it there. I called 411 (although I was itching to dial 911), I got customer service from the store and they had my wallet in the safe! See, that could of gone bad too but it didn't. I learned a little lesson, got my wallet, all good.
I figured I had at least one more good thing coming to me because these things happen in three's. I ended the afternoon in the Apple store for a website lesson. I love the Apple store people so much that even though I don't bake I always feel like bringing them a big old tub of brownies. Yesterday's lesson was the same. Fantastic.
Just making some lemonade.


Kathy said...

Let's see....

Pool closed.

Lucy safely medicated.

Wallet returned.

Kamikaze Squirrel season started.

....I'd say it's lemonade all around.

Sue said...

i say put some of the doggie valium in the brownies and the apple store will love you back.

Thing To Do Number 465,877 said...

Um, excuse me please. You can't delete me until you complete the TASK of which I am amongst your other 999,999 TASKS within heretofore thusly that list of one million things you had to uhhhmmm, peform? Complete? Right.

The Absent R said...

I'm a loner. A rebel. I'm off to go it alone. That word 'peform' sounds better with just one R anyway.

Johnny Cash Windfall said...


Sue said...

ummmm.... are you going to post about the weekend or what? There's so much to say!

Val said...

Ah, the doggy seizures.
Been there with our lab.
Although, you seemed to handle it much better than I did.
(Huddled over the dog crying hysterically while hubby tried to medicate him)
Hope all is well now....and the chores are done :)