Wednesday, July 9, 2008

10 Things

You might not know about Athens, Greece.....
1. The feta cheese is much better than the feta we get in the states.
2. The cats have really mean eyes, every one I've seen. They make that bad ass cat from Stuart Little look like Puss in Boots. The dogs seem nice enough though.
3. They don't filter their coffee unless you specifically ask. And this sometimes irritates them.
4. It's like Canal St. in NYC here with fake bags, watches and sunglasses, apparently the man hasn't come down on them yet.
5. Cursing and nudity are perfectly acceptable on television, the radio and the beach.
6. Men love to wear cropped pants, apparently this is a European thing. A fashion I hope never becomes popular in the states.
7.Even the Greeks think their language is hard to learn. Apparently there is old school Greek and a relatively new one that they speak. Let me tell you though, for future travelers, they all speak English. But totally try and learn some Greek words, they appreciate it.
8. There's this tram car that you can choose to pay or not that goes up and down the coast. I don't get it.....
9. They can make a mean mojito.
10. Kid Rock videos are all the rage.

And that my friends is my last words from Greece. Like Ryan Seacrest says, "We're out." Did I just quote Ryan Seacrest, my sincerest apologies on that one.


Simple Answer said...

How can feta get any better?

We were witness to the whole cropped pants thing in London. What is wrong with these men? And why are their women letting them out of the house like that?

Can't wait to see where you go next!

Meredith said...

Unfortunately, the cropped pants trend has arrived here in Miami and I agree, it's a bbbaaaadddd look.

Lisa Samuel said...

I have loved all your greek entries!!! I feel as if I have been there- not sure if you give if a thumbs up or down??? Glad to have you coming home, we are off on another adventure that I will be a part of, it will be fun! Alpha out- bye to Greece and the balloon man and the bunny slippers and the sleepy wine guy- we are on to Turkey-