Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Trip Home

So, I said it was another story. It's somewhat amusing,now, not then, Then it was like Chinese water torture. As I said previously we had only 3 hours sleep after a really "fun" night.
The morning started rough, really rough. Lisa's credit card went awol. My watch was no where to be found. We were kind of losing it. Lisa was emailing her husband, "cancel it," then two minutes later when it turned up, in her wallet, e mailed him again, "Whoops sorry, my bad." I couldn't find my favorite watch that Marc gave me last year for our anniversary. BA had
me dump out my suitcase as our taxi was beeping outside. Found that too...
Next we get to the airport and guess what? They had no record of Saige and my tickets. There was some sort of server error, I had to get out check in line and go talk to the British Airways specialist. She got on her computer and on the phone and she kept frowning and shaking her head. Meanwhile Lisa was running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to get us coffee. We spent 35 dollars on four cups of coffee in 15 minutes. They finally straightened out our tickets , Saige was hungry so Lisa gave her some potato chips that were a bargain at 3.50. We think because it was in euros, although we were in Turkey which is not on the euro. Lisa was also buying all the toblerone she could carry.I didn't understand why, since you can get that here. She claims she was just trying to piss away the rest of her Turkish lire.
We all slept our way to London, pretty much. It was a little dicey in that airport. Food was first on the list. Then we had 4.5 hours to kill. LIsa charged her IPod at a stray plug in the Starbucks. Saige played on the moving walkway, I lied on some wooden benches. Listen, if you're at the Heathrow airport, Terminal 4 is stinky. Terminal 5 is the place to be. We rounded
out our stay in London with Lisa and Saige chompin' down the Toblerone. It all started to make sense.
A little over 8 hours, 4 movies for me. 4 movies for Saige. Some wine and a surly seatmate for Lisa and we land in Philadelphia. Upon arrival we got to see ourselves in the mirror. There won't be any photos in this post.


Tiffany said...

Coming home is the hardest part.. now you need a vacation to recover from the vacation!

twist said...

See? You can't spell travel without Toblerone. Or something like that.