Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Kas Crasher

Has arrived. Btw, Kas is pronounced Kosh. This is what Lisa has deemed herself, which we all find really funny. Lisa has never met my friend BA before. Her whole coming to Turkey adventure was something we cooked up over lunch one day while I was telling her about Turkey and she said, "That sounds awesome." I was like, "It is. You should come." She said, "Do you think your friend would mind?" Me, "No, of course not. Why would she?" I went home e mailed BA, she said sure, whatever. Lisa booked her tickets and the rest is history.
So she took the same trip we did, she arrived in town at 11:00 at night in town. We had just finished dinner at this really cute restaurant that we had eaten at two years ago. Saige had been asking ever since to go back. She remembers everything, this particular restaurant has cats running all around and it has comfy chairs and this pretty lanterns hanging all over. There is a pond in the middle of it with turtles. Saige and Leah got the turtle out and had their picture taken with the turtle and the Turkish woman who owns the restaurant. It was cute.
After that we walked down to meet Lisa. It's through a little town and everyone is outside their shops. A rug dealer started talking to us and Saige and Leah had a little conversation for him in Turkish. I wish I knew more Turkish words because I just ate a huge spoonful of salt in my coffee thinking it was sugar. Note to self, ask Saige to translate more.


Anonymous said...

I told Saige if need be to take charge.I'm glad she is now your translator too.Miss you girls!!



twist said...

Feeling v. bad for you re: salt in coffee. Did I ever tell you about how John put a tablespoon of salt in my water at dinner the first time I met his family? Oh, so very funny. Tell Saige, just say 'no' to rugs...rugs kill.

Sarah said...

Dinner & Lisa arrived.. that is it?
What are you on vacation..?
Longer post tomorrow please.