Saturday, July 19, 2008

Patara and Patience

I posted something yesterday that I tried to change and now it's gone. The internet connection isn't great. Tomorrow we go to Istanbul and I will be able to post pictures, that is really hard here most times. So, today, we actually pulled ourselves away from the comfort of the infinity pool and made a little trip about a half hour from here to a beach called Patara. Philadelphia Inquirer voted it the sexiest beach in the world. I think this is because of where it is. It is in the middle of all these ancient ruins. You look at foggy mountains in the background. There are caretta turtles there. It is a must see. Really, forget the mosques, forget the "important" stuff, give me a killer beach any day of the week. FYI, there is a point when your skin doesn't get any tanner and when at 5 o'clock on day seven in the Mediterranean and you ask your friend for the first time for sunblock, chances are good you might get laughed at.
On the way home we drove down the wrong way on a one way street in a little town called Kalkan. We got lost and meandered our way up to the mountain towns of southern Turkey where the nomads chill. We payed probably about $1000 for gas, in fact, did you all know, that we pay less than any other country for gas? That's the truth and they've been paying it for years. We also came home to the whole town of Kas being out of water. What did we do you ask? We took showers in the pool, looked good anyway and now we are on our way out to dinner. It's going to be an early dinner tonight at about 10. This makes for very late evenings, it's a good thing we can hang.


Simple Answer said...

I would trade places with you in a heartbeat! Glad you are having an enviable time!

Meredith said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful pictures and details of your trip. I feel like I've been there myself!! So jealous - Saige is a lucky little girl to have such a globetrotting mama!