Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Pineapple Mojito or A Little Slice of Heaven?

I have admitted before, I am an extremely lame cook. I don't like making food. I try because my people need to eat, but if everyone could live on coffee, granola, bananas and some seared tuna life would be simple. I did learn something new last night. How to make something. It's not technically a food, and I really can't serve it for dinner, but it's something. A pineapple Mojito. And it's yummy. I never really drank mojitos until Marc and I were in Greece. Drinks are like food to me, once I find something I like I will only order that, it could go on for years. When I was much younger it was the White Russian, or as my friend Jen lovinly refers to it, "the rooskie." Oh, many a night was spent mixing the vodka and the kahula and milk together. Then that ended and I moved to Cosmo's. That little trend has lasted me for years. Recently when we were away Marc ordered a mojito and I loved it. So last night I was with my friends Lisa and Sue at Lisa's club and Sue was drinking them. She was telling the bartender how much she loved them so the bartender did a little demo for us. Like my previous pop-eyed egg recipe I think I will share it here. It's not often I can pass on a recipe so why not?
Get yourself some:
Fresh mint
Limes-cut up
Pineapple cut into small wedges
Put them in the bottom of a tall glass
Toss a dash of Rose's Lime Juice over them. (Apparently this makes it easier to crush)
Get out the mottler tool and smoosh a bit.
Sprinkle some sugar over it-not a ton, just enough
Pour about 6 counts of malibu Rum over it
Top off with a mixture of Sprite and Soda water
Voila, You've got yourself something yummy.
I hope I didn't mess it up at all, Is this right Sue? You're the expert.
And if you have Harry Niilson handy, a little Lime in the Coconut is always fun to listen to, You've got yourself a night.


Simple Answer said...

I am soooo available for one of these at any time!

Christy said...

Ooooh...I am going to the grocery store pronto! I love mojitos & those sounds awesome! :)

Amy Q. said...

sounds like a blast. we made mojitos on vaca, and they were pretty good, but your version sounds yummier.

Tiffany said...

That sounds good. With some seared tuna of course.

Sue Jacquette said...

That's right! But it was 4 counts of Malibu rum you lush... Just kidding, I'm apparently the lush. I don't even remember coming home last night. Why did you guys let me get so wasted?

Sarah said...

I have a whole gallon of rum I am going to drop off to you.
It is way too strong for me and since you are a lush now you'll enjoy it.