Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Do You Measure Time?

Well, if you have two children one grade apart it could be by the fourth grade science project. Or should I say the kind of kid/sibling/parent/friend/ of parent Science project? In my house, it's a group effort.

It starts out Marc and Chase. Marc is good at that kind of stuff. Chase is so lazy (about school work, he kicks butt at paint balling, motorcycle riding, and decorating- for real real, another day on that, prepare to be impressed). At any rate, before I totally side track myself, Marc and Chase get out the cheese and start the project. They are letting different kinds of cheese mold. Yum. Guess what? Lot's of cheese's they sell have so many preservatives in them they DON'T mold. How gross is that? Asude, are you paying attention?

So the cheese sits there for weeks (Chase records nothing). We have 3 days before the big project is due. It's Sunday morning, Marc and Chase start researching. Marc is diligently working and Chase comes in to where I'm painting and says, "Mom, can I go out and play?" I scream, "GET YOUR BUTT BACK IN THERE."
NO! I don't do that, but it sounded funny to me this morning on my overdose of caffeine. I really say, "Later, after your done your project."
"Amy!" I hear Marc calling me.
"What's the difference between a dependent and an independent variable?" he asks from the other room.
I'm sorry. Do I look like I'm in fourth grade? How am I supposed to know that.
"Well, one is controlled," I say. Only because I'm going for smarter in '09.
It goes on like this for a while. Marc does the majority of the work. Chase wanders around and guesses at the days it took the cheese to look slimy, get hard, but never mold.

Fast forward to last night (project is due today). I have Saige type out all the written stuff. I glue it to the board. Chase plays paintball and works on his fort with Conner from up the road. Then Saige and I realize he didn't write a report. Great.

Enter Ashley. My friend Ashley comes in and takes over. She goes in the refrigerator and finds some moldy cheddar! Yes she does! She is Chase's idol already. By now Chase is back in the picture, together he and Ashley rock out an excellent project with information on Penicillin to boot. Takes a village baby. Just ask Hillary.


Sue Jacquette said...

Why is it that blue hair needs to be quaffed once a week? Ashley needs her Wednesdays off.

Lula! said...

Suddenly I am craving cheese. And dreading 4th grade. Remind me to phone you when we do our first science project. You will be my go-to gal!

Simple Answer said...

I can tell you it takes 3 days for the bread to mold here. Preservatives are a mighty fine thing in my book! Then again, I never had to do a project where they interfered!

Next year is the dreaded science project for us...

Kathy S. said...

Two science fair projects and I still don't know the exact difference between the variables - especially when it comes to a experiment involving a kitten and colored toys....

Sorry I missed this morning. My eyes are still as dilated as a gold medal swimmer's. See you tonight at the Fair!

Rough around the Edges Amy said...

Is it totally awful that I didn't even flinch when you said, "Get your butt back in there?" Mine comes out a little more like, "Git yer butt back in thar."