Monday, February 16, 2009

Today I'm Grateful For...

The writers of Weeds.
The writers of Californication.
And the newest member of my who I'm thankful for... the writer of United States of Tara. Who is none other than Diablo Cody, who wrote Juno.
I'm thankful for Toni Collette.
The guy who used to be Carrie's boyfriend on Sex in the City (although I can't remember his name)
The kid who plays the gay son so swimmingly (do you like that Jen, or no?)
and that teenage daughter. Damn does she make having an 11 year old seem terrifying.

Have. You. Seen. This. Show?
It's so fun and twisted and just out there that it brings a big old smile to my face.
The other night we watched two episodes on On Demand. There are still 3 or 4 I haven't seen. It's so exciting.
Do you know the first time we watched Weeds it wasn't until the series was over and we watched the whole thing on after I downloaded it from Itunes. The whole season at once. The joy of that is almost unexplainable.
I'm not a tv watcher really. There are shows I like, but most time I'm preoccupied with my computer or a book or magazines or something else that makes me not pay attention. If I do watch tv I have the very annoying habit (sorry Marc) of fast forwarding through half the show. I think I might have shared that before. It's sounding familiar. But I do. I don't care about most of the show. I just want to see the end. Like for instance, The Biggest Loser. I like that show. I love the trainers, I love the people, I even like that blond who is the host person, who always seems a little out of it. But the bulk of the show just bores the hell out of me. I only want to see the weigh in and then how the person who got kicked off looks.

Wow, I really veered off there.
Moral of the story: US of Tara is on Showtime, no breaks, no downtime, no boring part of the show. Just one continual shake of the head and think to yourself, "I'm not crazy at all!"
That's what I'm grateful for tonight. Let's all lower our heads in prayer.


Kathy S. said...

John Corbett - one of my favorites since
Northern Exposure (Chris)
Sex and the City (Aidan)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (?)

Hmmm, may have to get Showtime for this one.

twist said...

And, of course, you're thankful for Kirsten, who told you about United States of Tara and who pestered you to watch Weeds for like a year. You're welcome. I love you. It's the least I could do.

Lula! said...

I have NOT seen this have now convinced me to check it out. I love Toni...hello, Muriel's Wedding is sooooooo fabulous.

Simple Answer said...

Watching Weeds now. We save episodes as a 'treat.' I've read about Tara. I'll have to wait til it comes on DVD.

Mark said...

What scares about your post is that you end it with, "I'm not crazy at all." And not because I believe or don't believe you are crazy, but because, whatever you are, you now have a new standard of crazy I am fearful you will aspire to. Trust me, leaping from a plane was enough. Perhaps I am overthinking this. After all, you didn't start selling drugs a la Mary Louise Parker, so maybe you do watch some television just for entertainment, not inspiration. Wait a minute, I never really asked... you aren't selling drugs, right?

P.S. Lipstick Jungle, not because it's a great show, but because of Robert Buckley, who appears shirtless in every episode and makes up for the lack of romance in my life. And, I love Brooke Shields, too. Lots of integrity and a fair amount of talent, too, not to mention she's beautiful enough to make even a gay guy take a second look.

Amy said...

Kathy, the first one, John. Thank you. Yes, you need showtime. Quickly.
Twist, I'm thankful for you everyday of my life, I could do a whole post on it. I think I will. Like nepotism, but not like that at all.
Lula, Yes, watch. I think you'll like.
SA- I loved watching Weeds like that. I'm happy for you in an odd way. Enjoy.
Mark, ah Mark, "A New Standard of Crazy," either another blog post I tweeked right out of my comments or the title of our book. EIther or. And no, I'm not selling drugs, although I hear there's good money in that and time's are hard. People want drugs. It almost seems like a no brainer. But still, no, I can't do that. I'm very busy painting my foyer.
I loved your bit about lipstick jungle. First you go off about a shirtless guy then say you like Brooke. I think Brooke is kind of a Liza like figure, all they gays love her. So that really doesn't count. LYTB.

Mark said...

Brooke Shields is like Liza Minelli? You'd better be careful... you saw how Brooke came out swinging when Tom Cruise took a shot at her. Of course, now they're bff's, so maybe your strategy is a good one. Anyway, I said she'd make a gay guy look twice, nothing more. Kiera Knightley on the other hand, well, I'd pay to kiss her, which, technically makes me a very dirty old man since I could be her father. As for Robert Buckley, well, let's just say that "intent" doesn't even begin to cover it.

P.S. You know I posted that one pic on facebook just to see what kind of response I would get, and you, my love, came through for me. I think my other friends will just roll their eyes. It gets deleted by the weekend.

Nancy's Amy said...

Is it on Netflix or is this the first season... I guess I could look that up myself. Sounds like my kind of show fo sho.

Anonymous said...

On the most recent episode, was that a new personality in the orange rain poncho? I didn't recognize. It might have been Buck, but what do you all think?

Amy said...

I have not seen the most recent episode yet, Twist, you there? Take this one?

twist said...

Dude, don't read this yet. I think it was an alter's alter...the red poncho, the body language, etc. was v. demonic and secretive - not Buck..I think this one's probably the graffiti culprit too.

Anonymous said...

Twist..hmm...I bet you are right...I didn't think about them being the mural destroyers, but i bet they could be, although the personality almost seemed like an animal. You think they would take it that far?