Monday, February 2, 2009

I Pose This Question to You

Do you have a favorite book? A book you could read over and over again? A book you missed when it was done? I do. I could try and act somewhat intelligent and tell you my favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo. I did love that book. It is one of the very few things I remember actually learning in High School (not counting how to forge my mom's name on notes for being late, sorry Mom, let's not speak of this.)
If I was in a humorous mood there are two contenders that I can think of off the top of my head. One being, "Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress," this was one of those books that made me just love the author. I l adore funny books that are true. Which brings me to choice number two, "Me Talk Pretty One Day." I'm sorry, if you can't laugh at David Sedaris telling the story of that time he was in the bathroom at a dinner party and had an issue in there, we just can't be friends. Click out now. You have no use for me.

As I could list book after book that I have loved. There is one that as I was reading it, as much as I couldn't put it down, I didn't want it to be over. I got nervous knowing I was getting near the end. I loved the characters in it. I bought it for my Mom, I gushed over it. Then I got really nervous, she is really smart and used to be an English Professor, I was thinking I oversold. When she told me she loved it to, I was so relieved. Let me tell you. I don't know why I enjoyed this book so much. I guess there was just something in it that spoke to me.

But now, here is my real issue. They have made a movie out of it. This could go one of two ways. It could go the way of Harry Potter for me, where the movie was beautifully done (to me) and it gave me specific faces to match to characters, wonderful details, fantasy becomes reality for those 2+ hours. OR, it could go the way of two books to movies that I loved the books and in the words of my high school facebook friend the movies "made me want to chunk in my mouth." The DaVinci Code and Twilight. Both just debacle's. Painful. Gut to the stomach.
What to do? Now, mind you, there is no release date. I feel I should prepare myself, do I (A) throw caution to the wind, keep my fingers crossed and pray they don't soil my favorite book or (B) just be happy with the book. Don't even watch the trailer. What would you do?

Ah yes, "The Time Travelers Wife."

Hey, Jen, do you like I used the word soil?


twist said...

I can't see it being pulled off gracefully. At least not as gracefully as say... the way we do handstands now. Who can think of new movies when we have a new MOVE? I mean, c'mon...

Simple Answer said...

I'm gonna agree with twist. No way they can make that book into a good movie. I can't believe anyone thought it was movie material. I'm prepared to be bitterly disappointed - but would love to be taken by surprise and to find myself happy they did it.

Mark said...

Ah, shit, Amy. I have no time to read a book right now, but if it is your fave of all time and Mom loves it too, well, then I have to read it. You know I bought it at your recommendation a long time ago and just never got around to it, like nearly every other of the 200+ books I own. I suppose there's no time like the present. By the way... um, yum... I loved that response. And, so true, no? And, did you get the NJ reference? Maybe I should have just said, "more than a Hoover." ;-)

Brother Chris said...

There are very, very few occasions when a good book becomes a great movie, but here are two:

Jaws & The Shawshank Redemption.

Perhaps it's time to start the "Crazy, but the Cool Kind Book Club". I'll start with the first two, both of which will leave you shaking with emotion and wishing the book would just go on and on.

The first is Wally Lamb's unforgettable "I Know This Much is True". If any of you haven't already read this book then stop what you're doing right now, go to Borders, the library or Amazon and get it and read it. It is very simply a masterpiece.

Number Two is Beach Music by Pat Conroy who I consider to be our greatest living American writer. This book has such in-depth character and relationship studies that are so on point it almost makes you feel like you've been blind your whole life and he is helping open your eyes for the first time. Anyone from the South who doesn't read this will be asked to remove the Rebel flag and shotgun from their pickup forever.

I offer both suggestions with a money back guarantee. I'll refund the purchase price if either book doesn't leave you a little bit changed for the experience.

Amy said...

Ah Twist, the new move. It rocks the house. We've been waiting years for that one. It's here now Baby.

SA- Did you love the book? Is that what I'm hearing? I hope so. I love to talk TTW.

Mark- Read the GD book. I've seen it sitting there on your shelf a 100 times.
Yum was required and of course I got NJ! Come on! That NJ was key brother!

Chris- Shawshank, one of my favorites of all time. Loved I know This Much Is True. Coming off those two I will read your second recommendation. Thank you. I need a new good book.

Kathy S. said...

I echo Chris on Beach Music.

Mark - With all respect to Amy and your Mom, couldn't finish the book. (but then I never got the appeal of The Kite Runner....go figure)

One of the worst movie adaptations of a great book had to be The Bonfire of the Vanities - completely miscast. Really, Tom Hanks?? (Needed a Billy Zane type instead)

Books I keep on my shelf: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (movie was just okay); Water for Elephants; A Painted House; The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters; and the list can go on but I have to get the kids off to the bus.

The Family Julz said...

Yay, I love new books! I can't wait to read this! Thanks Amy!

And I tend to never see movies that were made from books I love. The one exception is surely Jaws. Never read or saw Shawshank. I know, flog me.

Harry Potter? I actually lost interest in the series and never finished the 5th book because of the movie.

Kathy S. said...

And speaking of Morgan Freeman (who is one of my all time favorite actors), here is something to make you smile on a gray, snowy day.

From the original Electric Company.

Meredith said...

What I find most wonderful is that my kids love to read. Get going on that book, Mark. Chris, I've got the Wally Lamb book here on your recommendation a while back. Now I just have to read it. Amy, when I read your first sentence, I knew you were going to mention "The Time-Traveler's Wife." There's just something about that book that is so different and creative, isn't there?

Anonymous said...

Love that you used 'soil' in its proper, god-given way, my bendy friend...I agree with SA; too many books ("Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil", anyone???) have been made into movies ("Ya-Ya", anyone??) and they SUCK. I think this would go the way of those. But oh well, I am no Hollywood, nor Bollywood, director. I LOVELOVELOVE Time Traveler's Wife. I mourned for a few days when I was finished. Same with "She's Come Undone", but TOTally disillusioned by Wally's sophomore attempt about the two brothers.
C. Stardust

Sue Jacquette said...

Okay everyone, I've got so many books to read now! I have to say (and I'm sure I've said this before) A Thousand Splendid Suns really moved me in a way a book has not in years. For something very different than I'm certainly not used to, I read The Road by Cormac McCarthy and it's stuck with me. Thats also being made into a movie with Viggo Mortensen, who is PERFECTLY cast. McCarthy's last book turned movie was No Country for Old Men.

Lula! said...

Oh, Twilight...oh, DaVinci Code. I'm almost afraid to watch Angels & Demons, 'cause I liked it way better than DaVinci Code...but we'll see.

I say see it. The movie version of Twilight did not ruin my love for the book. Nothing ever could. So give it a go.

Now for me...the one book I want to be made into a movie is my beloved "The Westing Game," by Ellen Raskin. Apparently it was made into some low-rent, D-movie version in the late 90's, but I've never seen it. It's the only thing I would NEVER see. But I have wanted to make it into a movie since I was 12 years old. It's my dream. Soon as I get my first million, I'm going to see if the screen rights are still available...and buy them. Seriously. Not even kidding.

Anonymous said...

ok, so i agree this TTW book was pretty darn good. it dragged out a little bit too long for my taste (and i love a big, thick book) but i really liked it, despite that.
all book-lovers know that movies just cannot compare. my most favorite-ist (yeah, i know it's not a real word) movies make me consciously decide NOT to read the book. wouldn't want to ruin it, ya know? i am thinking that the movie will never do your beloved book justice. but you'll go anyhow, drawn to it like a moth to a light. mwah. i'll await the review.

Anonymous said...

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christina said...

I agree with kathy s. i couldn't get through it. I guess I should give it another try. And I agree with Chris I love love love Shawshank!

Amy who has a needy baby said...

Books? Hmmm. I read The Shack last. It was one I'll remember on my death bed. Twilight of course. The Lovely Bones was good. Paint it Black was good. My
+baby needs me. Have to cut this short. xoxo

Wep said...

Close your eyes and walk away from the theater. Buy yourself a nice hardbound copy instead.