Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Other Side of the Pond Rocks It

So the Grammy's are on. Yay. Fun. Makes me so happy. What a day, first Ashie is coming home, then it's pushing 60 degrees in February and now the Grammys.
These are the reason I love the show tonight
1. (I'm sorry BA) Kid Rock did a little medley. Hey guess what? Friday night I'm going to see Kid, yay to that too.
2. Chris Martin's fun little outfit with the half shirt. And did anyone else notice he did virasana during his song?
3. I am just loving how Duffy went from her English accent to a bizarre southern sounding Bridge Over Troubled Water. Odd.
4. Song of the Year- some really fun choices, I wouldn't have picked The Coldplay one myself (wait, is it not MY choice?) but we got to see their costumes again. When they were all standing together they kind of reminded me of that kids band that sings those bizarre songs. They had four jackets, similar, but different colors. Interesting.
5.I love that Rober Plant still has the 80's rock star hair. Good for him. I love that Alison Krauss too. She's awesome.
6. Are all the Grammy winners English? Are the English better singers?
7. How 'bout that Jennifer Hudson? She is a force right? Usually what she sings wouldn't make my particular playlists but I love listening to her in person. And I also love anytime there is a choir with a singer. I'm serious. I love a choir as the background. "You pulled me through. When I was drowning." I'm totally downloading that now. She rocked.
8. Wait, wait, wait, wait, are the Jonas Brothers really singing with Stevie Wonder? No comment. I have an 11 year old daughter, I don't want to get in trouble. Stevie get's paid for this right?
9. That Craig Ferguson is funny. He gave Screech a shout out. Did anyone see Screech on Celebrity Fit Club, what a jerk. Anyway Craig was quite amusing and he introduced Kate in that kooky fruit outfit.

10. M.I.A.!! Holy pregnant odd outfit! That was totally worth the price of admission.

Did the Grammy's jump the shark? I'm not sure.
Okay, they brought in Paul to reel it back in.
I'm gonna give it a thumbs up.
How cool is Radiohead and how cool do you those kids in the marching band felt? Seriously, that is something to remember.


Kathy S. said...

M.I.A. 's out fit certainly was worth the show. That and listening to my 9 year old (of Steven Tyler fame) belting out "Drinking whiskey from the bottle, not thinkin' 'bout tomorrow....."

Anonymous said...

God, I LOVED the M.I.A. appearance. She TOTALLy owned that stage. And I agree with you about Ms. Hudson. She is elegance personified. I am with you on the Jonas Bros. fiasco. Hopefully Stevie got paid buckets of money for whoring himself out just to reach a new demographic.
Love you!

Lula! said...

LOVED Radiohead and the USC marching band. (Wonder if Tiffany caught that? USC is her team, you know.)

Hated Katy Perry. She was awkward. And unenjoyable.

LOVED Al Green, JT, and Keith Urban. That was my fave from the evening.

Raising Sand is one of my fave albums ever, so I was tickled pink that Alison & Robert received much-deserved recognition. Goooooood stuff.

Simple Answer said...

You needed a spoiler alert! It doesn't air here until tonite! At least I know I'm in for a good show!

Wep said...

OMG you are going to see Kid this friday? And I was all excited about seeing the Bloodhound gang that night :)

Brother Chris said...

Is there a better band alive than Coldplay? I think not. 60 Minutes did a feature on them before the Grammy's and they seem like 4 down-to-earth kids who are confident their best work is yet to come. Scary Good.