Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Grass is A Lovely Shade of Green

Some things just aren't meant to be. I think sometimes you have to accept that and move on. Like for instance, missing a flight. That doesn't suck to much, right? There is nothing like being at the airport on a rainy morning at the crack of dawn and them telling you that are twenty minutes to late to get your luggage on a plane.

What would one do were this to happen to them I wonder? Wanna know what I did? I started to cry. Yup, right there. And then I convinced myself that I had lost my keys. I'm sorry, I had to self park for the first time in forty years. How ridiculous is that? I had never driven myself to the airport alone before in my entire life.

First time for everything.

I am an over packer too. I have roughly four outfits per day, which include but are not limited to, workout clothes, day clothes, dinner clothes and sleeping clothes. Four days times four outfits per day plus options is a big bag. And also as any woman knows, you can go away for a day or a month and you still need all the daily essentials. There is no way around that. I can't just use any old lame hair dryer. And this face isn't going to get washed magically by itself. I'm not Samantha from Bewitched for Gods sake. I need my stuff. So, not only did I self park but I also had to lug the hugest duffle bag in all the land by myself, with my laptop bag, a huge coat (who am I rachel?) and a purse. It's no wonder i couldn't find those keys!

So then what happens? The ticket guy consoles me. I get some looks of concern from strangers and I get out my cell phone and call my friend Lisa, crying to her. As she is figuring out how to get me new keys, I find mine! I dry my tears. I accept the fact that instead of flying directly to Denver I will be taking a little foray to Phoenix. Which is nice I guess cause I will see a sunny day after a yucky, rainy, morning.

I sit next to a girl on the plane who not only drove herself to the airport but also never saw the shuttle from long term parking to the terminal. She was going away for a week and had two suitcases, her laptop, purse and a coat. She WALKED from long term parking to the terminal in a rainy windstorm at 6.30am.

Dude, it could always be worse.


Anonymous said...

Omg! Nowonder you were so upset. You know what I think you should do?! I think whatever third-world country we visit in search of the perfect "Esther," should be hot. Hmmm, then, see, no parka. Problems solved! Glad you're home safe. And...yes! It can always be worst. You could be Hennessen, sitting next to me. xoxo

Billy Yorn said...

Regarding that grass; let me know if you want it cut. You can hang out on the couch.

Kathy said...

Okay. I am very proud of you: no separate suitcase for shoes. You pack light!

Sue said...

By the way, if you had Jason's status, that wouldn't have mattered. They will take his luggage at the gate if they needed to. Just to rub that in. Just kidding. Sort of. Glad you're home.