Monday, November 23, 2009

Tim Burton and Rodin

His latest work, Alice in Wonderland. I can't wait for this.

I have been so excited to see the Tim Burton exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. I tend to get a little obsessive about things. I think Tim Burton is a genius. I love how twisted he seems. Right up my alley. I saw this advertised in a Metropolitan Home magazine and have been plotting and planning to see it ever since. At first I was going to go up one weekend in December when I have about a million (yes Billy, a million) other things to do but then I saw it opened the day my Mom and I were taking the kids up. I was so happy for all of us!

Well...hmm... opening day at MOMA in New York City on a Sunday during holiday season. Perhaps I should of said to myself, "Self, not a good idea." I didn't though. I do like I always do and riled them all up with all my enthusiasm and forged ahead. We waited in a relatively long line to get the tickets. It was crowded even in the lobby. Still, we were there. We got the tickets and made our way up to the entrance of the exhibit. It was super cool. There was a big timeline of all that Tim had done. Even movies that never came to fruition. Then there was a big mouth that you got to walk through to enter the exhibition. That is if you wanted to wait for an hour and half. Opening day. Duh.

Not so much.

My kids had been great for the ride up. They didn't bicker during the Empire State building. They were excellent through the sighting of the almost Amish but really Hasidic Jews, a long wait for lunch, an almost stolen (left in the car) wallet, a line at the entrance, now we are pushing hour six into our adventure day, I didn't see an a long wait in a very long line in our future.

Oh well, easy come, easy go. We were there. We decided to look around. Our first stop was to some modern sculptures. We happened upon one looked like a great big purple cat play place. Chase said to me, "Mom, you know what I hate? I hate when something is really expensive and important and it looks like you made it yourself."
It made me start to laugh. Moma is not the Met. Modern art is so subjective. I know it bothers people at times. Big blue stripes on paper or paint spilled on newspaper. It makes me happy, just cause it's up there. It makes me think about what simple things can look like together. I find it very powerful, even when when it seems silly. Somehow it made it to the walls of the museum that holds great works of art.
I completely get what Chase meant. I'm so glad he had that thought. I'm so glad he was paying attention. Clever boy. That alone was worth the trip.

Until the fifth floor.

The fifth floor is filled with Picasso and Van Gogh, you can see The Starry Night there, You can see Salvador Dali's The Persistance of Memory is there. There are Chagall's and Rousseau's, Mattise's and Marcel Duchamp's To Be Looked at (from the Other Side of the Glass) with One Eye, Close to, for Almost an Hour. The whole place makes my heart beat faster and I was so excited for my kids to see it, even if it will take more than once for it sink in. You gotta start somewhere.

All of the sudden Chase says very seriously, "Hey look. That looks like Uncle Mark."
Rodin's tall gay guy with the good hair (not the real name)
I almost fell on the floor laughing.
I still laugh every time I look at this picture.

Seriously, this will make me laugh for years. Look how perfect his hair is. Totally looks like Uncle Mark! He probably smells good too. Saige has informed me that gay men smell better cause they "care."

"Mom, can we come back before the exhibit is over to see it?" Saige said.
There were a lot of things that made it worth the trip. :)

Thanks Mom :)


Meredith said...

Here's a link to hold you over

Billy Yorn said...

I have a million things to do today too. Leaving you a comment is number 305,444. I know you like those fours.

This Uncle Mark and his chicken legs has a really long neck. And his David Bowie hair is great for being in a punk band. How cool to be memorialized while still alive. I'm surprised he didn't ask the museum for a loin cloth though.

Kathy said...

Chase is brilliant. Love the Uncle Mark comparison and, as far as "DYI" art.... Is the giant blue square painting still at MOMA? Seriously, just a square canvas painted solid blue. I bet Chase would be more creative and use green.

Mark said...

I'm not amused.