Saturday, November 7, 2009


My friend called me a dork today.
I really don't think it was called for.
I will be the first to tell you about my nerd like habits.
-I have had every new Harry Potter book in the first 24 hours it is out and have read it in a couple days. Even though my children are not that interested.
-I like Neil Diamond. Not every day. Not a whole album, but if Sweet Caroline comes on I will not be changing the station. And don't even get me started on my love for Gordon Lightfoot. Seriously, I will say, I wouldn't be caught dead with a Journey song on my IPod, but that's just me.
-I do Sudoku, or play Sudoku or whatever it is called when you hang with your Japanese friend Suduko. I thoroughly enjoy a brand new Sudoku book and a freshly sharpened pencil. Yes, I use a pencil.
-Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer still makes me cry when those other reindeers won't let him play any games with them. And I just don't understand why the little people have to be make fun of the dentist. Fake wooden Holiday characters can be mean.

See, I will admit if I am a nerd.

So say, you were to call me and tell me that you played Boggle on your phone until you got a headache (cause that's not dorky at all!). Is it so wrong for me to ask, "Was it regular Boggle or Mastermind Boggle?" I think that's a valid question! I also think I could kick his ass at either! (I have also been labeled competitive on occasion) which I'm not! I just like to win. Duh.

I did enjoy that he knew exactly that Mastermind Boggle was the supersize board that won't allow any pathetic three letter words!
You gotta be a total dork to know that.
Amulet Hit.


The Dork Digger said...

You are a total dork. That's the trufe.

The Geek Club said...

Awesome meeting Amy. As president of the club, we are thrilled that you are running for office again. Your credentials are unparalleled.

Boggle Club said...

Hey that new guy with the headache is really cool. You should be nice to him - less combative would be good.

Dork Club said...

You are in a lot of clubs. First rule of Dork Club is you don't talk about Dork Club. You blog it.

Sue said...

No, YOU like Mastermind Boggle.

Billy Yorn said...

You shut the mastermind boggle up!

Kathy said...

Gordon Lightfoot in concert at the Academy of Music. (Check)

Jonathon Livingston Seagull in the theater. (Check)

Herbie The Dentist. (Check. Check)

Sigh.....Those were some great Saturday Nights.....

Lisa said...

Funny stuff! I added "Carefree Highway" to my iTunes recently. I had completely forgotten about Gordon Lightfoot. "Bread" is great too, if you don't already have it.

Christy said...

Everybody seems to be into Boggle lately....what did I miss? I used to love boggle (you know the actual board game? Although it wasn't really a board...) but now you can play in on the computer? I don't get it. Bring back the OLD Boggle!!!

Anonymous said...

i have the huge 2 cd set of gordon lightfoot. a lot of neil diamond, he rocks. i think my boyfriend turned you on to sudoku. haven't boggled in ages(can you bring me the game when you come next summer?) but am certain i will whup-ass. and as you know i am quite hip and chic. you can see my apartment in a french home mag next month!

AmyQ w/ the big "baby ass" said...

Neil Diamond? The Jewish Elvis? Oh hell yes! Saw him in concert and it brought me to tears when he came out in his sequined glory.

Meredith said...

sundown...ya better take care:) love gordon lightfoot lol.

hope all is well mycyberfriendamy.