Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reasons To Be Thankful

It's the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone I know is scurrying around like little mice getting their Thanksgiving dinners ready.
I am thankful I have never made a Thanksgiving dinner in my life.
I am thankful that both my children are sleeping soundly on their first day off from school for Thanksgiving vacation.
I am thankful I get to see my brother Chris tomorrow.
I am thankful I get to see one of my best friends on the whole earth, Suzy this weekend.
I am thankful that my gorgeous daughter is finally realizing how amazing she is.
I am thankful for my adorable, "yes man" son. Eddie Haskal, Baby.
I am thankful for Lisa's enthusiasm over everything.
I am thankful for the Rodin statue.
I am thankful for my yoga girls, young and not so old.
I am thankful I talk to BA daily even though she's in Istanbul.
I am thankful for my Friday night dates with Asude.
I am thankful for charms, markers, pastels, and paints.
I am thankful for LYTB.
I am thankful for Billy's 11 point word in Boggle.
I am thankful for Hennyson and his dislike for self help.
I am thankful my dog hasn't had a seizure today.
I am thankful for Christina and her stories.
I am thankful for tattoo's and piercings.
I am thankful for the indians.
I am thankful for my Sima.
I am thankful Christy liked Sue and I.
I am thankful there is not a dead giraffe in my house.
I am thankful that someone invented handstands.
I am thankful for hair dye and those who apply it correctly, Rachie.
I am thankful that Saige is Saige. Sooo Saige.
I am thankful that I'm left handed (it makes me better than all the right handed people and the Catholics -:))
I am thankful for Twist even though she won't just drop back already.
I am thankful for feather trees.
I am thankful for the entire state of Colorado.
I am thankful for picking four winners.
I am thankful for Pinochle.
I am thankful that Mike the IT guy hasn't broken my toaster.
I am thankful for music.
I am thankful for coffee.
I am thankful for my Mommy.
I am thankful for Kas.
I am thankful that Micker follows me everywhere.
I am thankful for the pretty tree that blooms out my window in Spring.
I am thankful for Spring.
I am thankful for my sweet Lucy.
I am thankful I saw Amy order three desserts.
I am thankful for the Lincoln Tunnel (even when it's hard to get to)
I am thankful for Kathy and her red wagon and her song comments.
I am thankful for Brother John. I hope he has a nice Thanksgiving.
I am thankful for the sun.
I am thankful for the Perfect Petal and it's pretty things.
I am thankful that Ba and Lale dance to Imagine every night.
I am thankful for Balderdash.
I am thankful that Ashie has a boyfriend.
I am thankful I knew Mom Mom.
I am thankful I can PLAY with Lisa and Christina daily.
I am thankful for the color hot pink.
I am thankful for stickers. I like them.
I am thankful for my fairy God children.
I am thankful for my son's laugh.
I am thankful for my chiropractor.
I am thankful for Turkey. The country and the bird.
I am thankful for Winston.
I am thankful for hummus.
I am thankful for Sue's boots and the wonderful Roanne.
I am thankful that the Amish like volleyball.
I am thankful for the smell of lavender.
I am thankful for my Love books.
I am thankful for free street parking in NYC.
I am thankful for NYC.
I am thankful for my kids report cards.
I am thankful for this chair. It's all I need.
I am thankful that the bartender from Teca did Lisa's laundry.
I am thankful for calla lilies.
I am thankful for my Pixie girls.
I am thankful for Target.
I am thankful I still have my dad's baby ring.
I am thankful I live close enough to drive to all my brother's houses.
I am thankful for my cousins.
I am thankful for friendly squirrels.
I am thankful for my western Kirsten Hood(lum).
I am thankful for my summer with Smash.
I am thankful I just remember it's Paige's b day in a couple days.
I am thankful for Paige.
I am thankful for Lisa's ability to focus.
I am thankful for running.
I am thankful for Katzy.
I am thankful for Lipsky.
I am thankful for shiny objects.
I am thankful for warm weather in November.
I am thankful for Boggle and all those who play it.
I am thankful for heated seats.
I am thankful fringe.
I am thankful for Itunes.
I am thankful for the gym.
I am thankful for YOU.


Lisa Samuel said...

I am thankful for Amy's Blog
I am thankful for Amy
I am thankful for puppies
I am thankful for boxes of wine
I am thankful for OP
I am thankful for PLAYing work
I am thankful for babies
I am thankful when they are not my babies
I am thankful that Amy knows how to sew
I am thankful for my family
I am thankful for all my friends families
I am thankful that we get to go to NYC next weekend
I am thankful that Obama is my President
I am thankful for Wegman's
I am thankful for sunshine
I am thankful for rain
AND- I am also thankful for handstands!
Love you Amy!!!
Have a peaceful Thanksgiving!

sima said...

I am thankful my amy too. this made me smile. i absolutely love you.

Katzie said...

I am thankful for a friend such as you.

I love you! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Kathy said...

Happy Turkey day to you!!!
Gobble Gobble
Bok Bok
Can’t wait for January!
Love and Miss you...mean it!

twist said...

I am thankful that you are so thankful for me.

twist said...

Oh, and I'm thankful for you too.

twist said...

All kidding aside, I am truly thankful that you listed me under the Catholics because I think they like girls on the bottom...and you know how I worry about pleasing them.

Amy said...

I purposely put you right under the Catholics because I thought it was a good reminder for them.
I am a little confused though, I thought the only one you were concerned with pleasing was me????

Let's get together soon for our bi weekly prayer meeting. This week I am going to pray that mangos grow in the winter and that from here on out people only call children 'chitlens'.

Are you in or are you in?

twist said...

John 1:14

twist said...

Oh wait, you'll need more info: That's John's birthday...wanna come over?

Sir Omar Shivaya lll said...

Daniel 5:4 -
Drinking wine was combined with praising false gods

I didn't say it! The bible did.

Anonymous said...

I love all the things you are thankful for. I love that you're thankful for boggle, although i'm not very thankful for BALDEREFNDASH. You always win! I am definately thankful that when I come to your house, I do not have to look at a dead giraffe. I sincerely thank you for that. They are truely beautiful creatures. Poor Melman. I am thankful that I now know how to spell pinochle. Thank you for that as well. I agree, Catholocism, overrated. You are definately better than that, you know with your left handedness and all. I am thankful for Henning as well. You know what is so funny? I actually told that story today to my gay friend who was sitting at the airport acknowledging the awkward social tendencies of all the unprepared people traveling. I am thankful for your spellcheck, and the fact that if i've made any mistakes you will correct them. I am most definately thankful to have a friend as beautiful inside, and out as you. You're awesome. I've truely had a very trying day, and reading your blog totally turned it around. Thank you sooooooo much for being you. I love you! Not in a gay way. XOXO


Anonymous said...

I am very thankful I can see the interactions between you and Twist. They give me a very hearty laugh out loud. Thank you. XOXO


Brother Chris said...

My first thought upon reading this wonderful list is that it's very thoughtful, but what about props/thanks for the freakin' Amish. They've played a very important role in the last 2 weeks or so of CBTCK banter and yet here they get nary a mention - that's not right. Give the Amish their due damnit.

My second thought was to wonder how "Rachie" was spelling pinochle before reading the blog? Was she spelling it Pea-Knuckle? Because that would be amusing to me.

I'll get back later with a more sincere response to this wonderful post and am also thankful that I'll be seeing my wonderful sister and mother, and the 2 chitlins in just a few hours. Peace Out.

Brother Chris said...

Oh, and I almost forgot to say how thankful I am for the considerate person at the mall who made some minor modifications to one of the signs so that it read:

"Macy's welcomes all children to come sit on Satan's lap and have their picture taken with Satan!"

Clever, clever.

Amy said...

Now see, that's where the camera phone comes in handy. That would have been delightful!
The other day I was really amused that the dollar store in our area had changed it's sign and now it reads,
"A Dollar or Two" what with inflation I guess?

Perhaps I should add something in about the Amish. It would need to be worded carefully bc the Amish are a little scary to me. I don't like the whole thing. That's a whole different blog post though. Today is for being thankful. I will go revise.

Norm Astay said...

I'm glad to see you giving thanks this day, though to whom it is unclear. Your references to bible verses also shows promise and has inspired me. Did you know the pilgrims in the Bible ate chitlens? (II Kings 6:28-29) Being a mormon, we have plenty to spare. The mothers and I aren't sure which part will cook up best, but we're having a go at it...fried w/bacon and a little mango chutney. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Amy said...

Well, that is why I was thankful for the indians and not the pilgrims.
Indians would never eat chitlens. They are full of fat. That is a muffin top waiting to happen! And with the bacon no less?
Today I am giving thanks to all of Gods creatures. Except the pilgrims, the nay sayers, the homo phobes, the makers of beef jerky, clowns, people who bring babies to the movies, and that guy who got mad at Billy over a parking space. Those guys brought it on themselves. (Maybe you give the universe a shout out for them while you are cookin' up chitlens, that could take a while.

Kathy, really..its me said...

I am thankful for you too, Amy.

I love your list.

(But who is this other "Kathy" and does she have a red wagon?)

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that about 7 years ago you called me on the phone after we had lost touch for 20 some years and we reconnected...that was magical.
I am thankful that you bring a delicious ingredient to my life that knowone else does.
I am thankful that you are my oldest friend in the world.
I am thankful that you are the only person that I have ever slept outside with.
I am thankful that I remember your dad so fondly.
I am thankful that the I saw the first day MTV ever aired on your couch. (ouch...are we that old?)
I am thankful that you mentioned me in your blog:)
I love you oh so very much, kind of in a gay way. xo Lipsky

Billy Yorn said...

There is so much here, I barely know where to begin! Actually, I know exactly where to begin. I just need to acknowledge that I could have gone gang-busters on this and likely drawn out the official censors of Amy's blog. But I'm not going to because I want to begin with the one most important, biggest, bestest, most fabulous, wonderful sumthin sumthin special that I am thankful for and then just let the millions (like your list of things to do) of other things I'm thankful for remain in line behind numero uno, A, roman number one, firstly, and all that.

I am thankful for this shining light, this bright star of goodness, love and joy that seems to have come out of nowhere at the most unexpected moment and yet has been perfect all along. I don't question it. But I am thankful for it. I'm thankful beyond all words', blogger comments' and sympathy cards' abilities to reflect thankfulness.

I'm sticking with the top of my list. Thank you.

Sneezy the Dwarf said...

I'm thankful for Kathy and her leather pants.

Legal Counsel for Twisty said...

We are thankful for all the trouble Twist gets into - ka-ching!

Pete Yorn said...

I am thankful for being let out of the trunk once in awhile.

The Last MF on Earth said...

I'm thankful I don't have to bother cooking for anyone!

Brother John said...

I am thankful for your shape.

Winston said...

I am thankful for flower stems and anyone who walks in the front door.

The NY Squirrel said...

I am thankful I didn't bite you so you didn't have to get a shot.

Diego said...

I am thankful you ate at my restaurant even though you nearly fell asleep in the guacamole.

The City of Newark said...

I am thankful you have taken the time to tour all my streets. Most people just take the highway.

All the Bums in All the Land said...

We are thankful for your six to seven dollars.

The Chicken Sushi Association (CSA) said...

We are thankful that you have chosen to ignore the california raisen people, those got milk folks and the wisconsin cheeseheads in order to support our underappreciated staple of supreme goodness.

The Average Pedestrian said...

We are thankful for all the near misses.

Sue said...

You've inspired me.

Amulet hit.

I'm thankful for you, baby.

AmyGutRot said...

I adore you Miss Lady. So glad you at least TASTED a smidge of ONE of the 3 desserts I ordered. Holy shit how much food did I waste that night?! You know I threw the whole doggie bag away. Yes I did. Philly gave me gut rot like I've never expierenced in my LIFE! Love that you drove all the way to eat with me. Love that you are who I thought and love that I could be who I was. Keep it sassy FlexiPants! How was CO? Love ya! xooxox