Monday, November 30, 2009

Hide, Seek, and Some Housewives

This weeks Sunday adventure was a delicious home made dinner of sushi and pizza with the gorgeous Asude, her very sportsy husband Jason and lovely daughter Jade.

There was a big game of hide and seek going on. I love to watch games from the outside. Each kid was so different in the game to see what part of people's personality comes out. Jade was the seeker a lot, she was good natured about it and didn't cheat when she was counting, she over looked some of the really sneaky spots in the beginning but never gave up and eventually would find them. Saige was a really good hider. She was barely ever the seeker. She would find the most clever spots and then move after the seeker had been in that room. Wiley little rascal. Now Chase, Chase was a good hider on his own but after he saw Saige's spots he would give them a try. He sometimes counted a little to quickly and in the end, when Jade couldn't find Saige he made sure she did. Hmmm... personality or sibling rivalry? Or just pesky little brother?

Every Sunday night Chase and I snuggle up and watch Desperate Housewives together. He really likes that show! He knows all the plot lines and the characters. Every once in a while we might miss a part and he has questions. This is what watching tv with him is like.
"Why are they both in Jail?"
"Who do you think attacked Julie?"
"Can you flip someone like that?"
"Wasn't she married to him?"
"He's depressed."
"Will they be friends again?"
"Look! she has a mini cooper. You love mini coopers."

And so on and on.

If there is a tv show that I like to watch, it is my habit to dvr it and then start watching it twenty minutes in so I don't have to watch any commercials. Last night we started from the beginning. We had to watch all the commercials. I swear to God this is true. Chase says, "I like to watch with the commercials." "You do?" I asked him, "Why?" He said, "It gives us some time during the show to discuss what is happening. Okay, let's go over what we know. Susan found out about Bree and her ex husband. Lynette is going to sue her boss, Julie doesn't want to date that boy because she was with his dad and Mike is really mad at the red haired lady."

Twist, how many homeschooling credits do I get for this?

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Sue said...

My sportsy husband had fun watching me drink that whole bottle of wine on my own. I've missed you!