Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday Adventure New York Part One

This weeks adventure is a trip to New York to see my brother Mark. Yay. I love a trip to New York to see my brother Mark. Sometimes I sing that to myself cause it makes me so happy (I'm singing that too, but at least I'm not whistling it, right? Right.)
Our original plan is for Saige, Chase, my Mom and I to go up, go to the Toys R Us in Times Square, then to MOMA for the new Tim Burton exhibit, then to lunch. Mark will be meeting us at the museum because clever Grinch that he is thinks the Toys R Us at Christmas time might not be quite as much fun as it sounds.

I scurry around Sunday morning getting ready, as Chase lies on the couch like an Egyptian king he says, "I think I would rather go to the top of the Empire state building. I don't care about the toy store."
Well, this is interesting. My Mom and I look at each other and discuss if we had ever gone there before. I am thinking I did once in college with a boyfriend that lived right outside of the city but other than that, no. My Mom thinks she has never been there. We both find this a lovely turn of events since the whole toy store thing was to please my precious angel although to me it sounded like a little bit of hell right here on earth.

It was a fun ride up. Saige listened to her Ipod while Chase chatted away. As we were driving through the Lincoln Tunnel Chase said, "This is a long tunnel." I agreed and said, "I love the Lincoln Tunnel. Once you are through it's like you are entering a different world. It's how you go from here to there. Just like the wardrobe in Narnia."
"I was going to say that! I was just about to. Just like the wardrobe! Cause you can't see anything as you go through here except the walls," he says so excitedly it makes me smile at the similarities of the two of us. As he is pushing into the pre-teen years sometimes those likenesses are hard to see. I love these little reminders. Like last week while we were waiting for Saige to get out of an appointment and had a fifteen minute discussion on words we loved the sounds of. His favorite was indigenous. I find that freakishly delightful.

We go into the city and find free Sunday street parking which to me is a tell tale sign of a great day to be had. We are walking down 34th street as the guys who sell you on the virtual helicopter tour and the no wait access to the top start talking to us. Like the stellar consumers we are, we buy right into it. We get our tickets and up we go.
The virtual helicopter tour is pretty cool. Kevin Bacon guides us through New York City. It was great fun. Then we went up up up to the top of the world.

I believe It is a beautiful day in New York City.


Norm Astay said...

I don't see church mentioned anywhere here.

Sir Omar Sheviea lll said...


Amy said...

I'm not sure if this counts, but on the way out of the city there was a big detour and the traffic cops wouldn't let us get in the tunnel so I rolled down my window and said, "Jesus Christ! I need to go through the tunnel!"
Shortly there after a big truck in front of me ran over a cone and I followed suit (that's pinochle speak btw) and I got through.
I am pretty sure Jesus answered my prayers.
I love you and Buddha too.

Billy Yorn said...

I'm glad the big monkey didn't get you!

Mark said...

Blasphemy, Amy, pure blasphemy. Or, perhaps that's just the way you are supposed to summon the Lord. If Jesus can't get you what you want, well, who can? Oh, no, I'm going to hell. You know I don't really believe that, right God? But is church really necessary? I don't think so. It's just a bunch of sheep gathered together for the sake of it. How many of those people really commune with God, and how many make a big effort to follow Jesus's teachings once they leave church? It can't be that many or there wouldn't be so many assholes in this world. I like Amy's approach. Church isn't exactly her thing, but she knows the Golden Rule and lives by it. I don't think Jesus asks for more than that. Or Buddha. Or any other of the mighty ones.

Meredith said...

I know Jesus answered my prayers. HE got me home in one piece. Oh, maybe that was you. Anyway, don't forget the Amish! If they can have a Sunday in New York, so can we.

Kathy said...

Amish? Were they playing a strange NYC game, like maybe volleyball? (grin)

Davey Crockett said...

I like Meredith's comment about remembering the Amish. It is way better than remembering the Alamo.