Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cut and Color

Chase had (see the tense I'm using there Mom?) really long, shaggy hair. I am all about freedom of hair cut, get your ears pierced, wear some goofy sneakers if they make you feel cool. Go get 'em. When I can't see your eyes anymore cause your hair is just falling in front of them and you have to keep your head at a odd angle to see I think you need a trim.

I tried to bribe Chase with many things in order to get a hair cut. Stay home from school, a day trip to New York, even a complete get out of jail free card for the next time he does something wrong.
"No. No. No," he said.

Last night was the night. My friend Twist is a jack of all trades. She's got her own hair cutting scissors (not in the same way I have my own dog grooming shaver thing, she's on the up and up). Chase and she did the google :) "long shaggy haircuts," he chose one. She started cutting. The amount of hair that came off him was unbelievable. I had to keep dancing around him like a nutcase with a broom and removing the evidence.

It looks awesome. I can see his beautiful face again. It's still long but it has a style now.

I put up that nice peaceful picture at the top of this post cause it's peaceful. I am hoping that's how he wakes up. Positive thinking.

I had to promise him that he could dye it brown. That makes a little nervous.

He's totally getting Lobster!


Meredith said...

Yay, thank God for Twist. How about a picture of the new look. See, Maine is straightening him out. There's no eating lobster like eating them in Maine, I don't care what anyone says.

Jules said...

Yay! You should get Lobster too!!

Kathy said...

Of course, then there was Samson….

Hey there Delilah
Is that you with Twisted scissors?
Have you come to trim my strength away
So I can’t bug my Sister
Is it true?
Do my long locks bother you
And Grandma too?

Oh, the lobster’s in the pot
Melt the butter that we’ve got
Lucky Crustacean it is not
Oh, tell me when it’s hot
When it’s nice and hot

A thousand miles seems pretty far
And we drove hours in our car
To reach this arctic country some call Maine
I had my strength, I had my hair
I even made out with a stuffed bear
While looking like the Shaggy D.A.
Delilah, did mom convince you
That by the time you get through
My eyes would finally see the light of day
Do I have a say?

Hey there Delilah
Is that you with Twisted scissors
If you trim these golden locks away
Will I still care about school like I do?
My will to learn may be gone too
Swept away and out the door
Gone for good and Never More
Hey there Delilah here’s to you
This style’s for you

Oh, the lobster’s in the pot
Melt the butter that we’ve got
Just enough strength left to eat
Oh, now I can see my meat
Surf ‘n Turf is sweet!

Just sayin......

Amy said...

Kathy! You missed your calling! You should have been a song writer. It's not to late. I'm calling my people for you.