Saturday, August 8, 2009

Now If I Were the King of the World

I tell you what I'd do. I'd throw away the cars and the bars and the wars and let...
Slacker Tom watch the kids

Mommy does Yoga

Maine Day One-
Kirsten made enough blueberry/zuchinni pancakes for the entire state-
We saw a Golden and a Bald Eagle and found a feather from one-
We went to divers rock-

In which I made a mockery of anyone that has ever rowed a boat-
I made a huge deal about bringing my camera, only to realize it was out of batteries-
Chase had attitude-
He made some friends-
And then got to ride jet skis as a reward for said attitude-
I made Saige run four miles with me and we saw a dead snake-
We performed a religious ceremony-
Much like my atheist friend Twist did for this plant

We did yoga tricks on the dock-
Like the "free schooler" she is, Kirsten gave us a lesson on how to open a bottle of wine by banging it on a book against the wall-

Saige and I went on a treasure hunt for garlic and onions-
We had a bonfire and roasted marshmellow while-
Twist suggested the children play a campfire game called "Whoever can attract the bats isn't a baby."
They played-No bats came-

And then there was Ruben...


twist said...

It's time for me to start my own blog 'cause, let me tell you, spending time in the woods with Amyshrom...priceless. Need I say more?

Meredith said...

What fun! Glad you are enjoying Maine (my favorite state).
Love, Mom
P.S. Tell Chase to lose the attitude; life's too short.

Anonymous said...

Never mind your own blog Twist - just bring me next time to experience Amyshrom and the Big Woods in person.

What a wonderful time!

Kathy said...

Okay - so that was me above. I should know by now never to try to comment before coffee.

Lora said...

shut up! you can open wine with a book and a wall?