Friday, August 15, 2008

The Black List

Last night down in Philadelphia was the premiere of the documentary film The Black List. Back in January, Marc and I were fortunate enough to be able to go out to Park City to Sundance because Marc's partner produced this film. Since then many things have happened with it, one being HBO bought it and will be showing it as one of their documentaries.
This film was written by film critic Elvis Mitchell and directed by world renowned photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. It is really an inspirational film. They showcase 22 different African American leaders. They range from Zane the erotica writer to Colin Powell. Others include, Toni Morrison, Chris Rock, Al Sharpton, Slash, Susan Lori-Parks, Susan Rice and many more. All these people talk basically about how they got to where they are. Each one's story is unique and empowering. No matter what your race you can gain so much from this film. It truly makes you want to do better, do more. So many of these people had huge struggles to get where they are. They are all different but all have similarities to each and every one of us. Each person, whether a famous actor like Keenan Ivory Wayans, who makes you laugh with him all the way through his interview to Al Sharpton who gives you an very different view of him then you might have had before makes you think. At least makes me think, think, "Try a little harder."
Meanwhile the film is beautifully directed, using what they called an interiewer camera where apparently the subject is looking into the camera and seeing Elvis (you never see or hear him). It is really cool because you feel like they are talking to you.
It is also a traveling art exhibit with these amazing portraits done Timothy.
If you have HBO, check it out.


Jami said...

well, aren't you just a little untapped resource of goodness?! putting it on my to-do list. can also use a little inspiration. thanks, amy.

Simple Answer said...

how cool! Wish I could see it. Sounds really interesting.

Lula! said...

You have piqued my interest--now I wanna see this!

Please let me know what you think of the 4th book. So many haters out there! And it won't hurt my feelings if you are among them. I loved it...I was/am too emotionally invested in these characters to not love them 'til the end. Sigh...

Meredith said...

Thought you might like to know there's a very flattering review of this in today's Inquirer. Here's the link
It says there's also a book deal in the works as well as a traveling photography exhibit. I'm looking forward to seeing it.