Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can I Hear A Holla?

Okay, so I have to start off by saying, I love concerts. Yes, I might be to old for this, I admit, but it's true. I don't know why, but I love going to see live music. Maybe it's my obsession with music in general, new bands, old bands, totally cool songs my friends haven't heard of before, maybe it's that i spent a better part of my youth as either ( I don't know which) a second or third generation Dead Head. Yes, many a high school and college days were spent at Dead concerts. I can't pinpoint why, but even at my advanced age of 39 (!) I still love a concert. I get hell bent on getting the best seats, getting them pre sale, getting them any way I can get them. When I know they have become mine I get so much happiness out of that, it lasts through the concert and then on an on and on. I don't know why. Some people like those figurine things, Hummels? I like concert tickets. To each his own.
What's my point? Okay so I have to give a huge shout out to my good buddy known as Anonymous, not only has he scored me Counting Crows tickets and (Oh no, not again) Jonas Brothers tickets for Saige and three of her closest buddies (one being a baby sitter) but perhaps, just maybe, haven't wanted to mention it before, because we're still not certain, but, there could be back stage passes to our upcoming Kid Rock concert. This is where the holla part comes in. I know, there are some haters dislikers, but I am not one of them. I'm sure some of you are saying, "Get a life." I assure you, I will totally get on that......just as soon as I meet Bobby. So while we wait with baited breath. While I dig myself deeper into Stephenie Meyers world with Bella and Edward, while I get ready for (yeah) Jack Johnson tonight, I will just cross my fingers, and perhaps chant in my head a couple times (Kid Rock) and many will roll their eyes and hope for me to gain some sense, but I will hear the music in my head, and just be happy.


Anonymous said...

Counting Crows - Section 201, Row 36, Seats 1 & 2

Jonas Brothers - Section 201, Row 36,
Seats 1, 2, 3, 4

I now turn 100% of my attention to Kid.

By the way my name really is Rock (maybe just not a Kid anymore).

Kid Rock and Rock Man, has a nice ring...don't you think?

Amy whose never been to turkey said...

Jack Johnson tonight? We call him JJ. You make me sick Amy... all this traveling and concerts and great hair. You are making me second guess my desire to make more babies, so I can get my life on! Have fun seeing JJ.

Sue Jacquette said...

Way to go Rock Man! Hey Amy, Lorna and I are taking our girls to that Jonas Brothers concert, too. Are you going or sending the sitter?

Amy said...

Rock Man, you are money.
Totally psyched about it all.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Amy- JJ was awesome. Don't feel bad. I put my time in. I just only have 2 kids. You rock. And talk about awesome hair, I've seen your picture hooka. You're not doing to bad yourself.

Sue- Straight up babysitter girl. Christina and I are going to Parc (Rock- you meeting us?- that goes for Kid or Man)

Lula! said...

Kid totally needs a song on the soundtrack to the Twilight movie. I'm just sayin'.

Are you still swimming in the ocean of Stephenie Meyer? Let me know when you're back on shore...we must discuss.

EmBee said...

Bawitdaba, I Love Kid Rock... Though I'm probably the only one in my family who really enjoys his music.

I'm jealous because that sounds like an awesome concert! Where in philly is he playing?

Amy said...

He is in Camden at the Susquehanna Bank Center that used to be called the Tweeter Center. It's a great concert place.
He puts on an awesome show. If you don't have the new cd yet (Ironically, from your last post) called Amen, definitely get it.