Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Wait Really

How many days 'til school starts? It's not like I have a huge calender out with big black marks on the days as they pass. That would be like I'm getting out of jail or something. It's not like that, my precious little angels, love 'em when they're sleeping. Oh, I'm kidding. My friend and I were laughing about this yesterday. This last week before it starts. It's one week to many. Should of cut our losses and sent 'em back before Labor day. It's like their "trying to get water from a stone" week of summer. How many play dates can we cram in one day? How many trips to Staples? How many different stores can we hit for new school clothes (when shorts and t-shirts are still what we're wearing?) Seriously, why am I buying a down vest in August? But far be for me to argue with a 10 year old girl. I keep my head low, my mouth shut and hand over my credit card. And the bonus is today is another Jonas Brothers concert, which honestly they are thrilled about. I am thrilled for them. So thrilled in fact I got a babysitter to go with them so my friend Christina and I could drop them off, go to Parc and pick them up later. I am completely blocking the traffic out of my mind. That and the thousands of screaming girls. At nine o'clock last night after I had picked them up from one friends house and picked up another friend to sleep over they wanted to stop and get hair dye so they could have all different colored hair. Let's hope that works out like they want it to.
Then as our next adventure there was cupcake making. I helped them get it done, put in the oven, tossed some oven mitts at them and said, "Call me when you need help." Luckily Marc came home by then. He cleaned up some, but let me tell you, I never saw the sprinkles coming. My kitchen is a mess. So I thought I'd sit down at my computer, that seemed the most productive way to deal with it. So we are down to six days, which roughly means, one more concert, 322 play dates, a combined 12 sleepovers, a couple parties, 72 wet pool towels and maybe, just maybe a one glass of wine for me.


Meredith said...

I think my oldest daughter had 7 sleepovers in a row the week before school started.

Jonas Brothers - AGAIN? How exciting for them.

Good luck with your last week of no school!

Lula! said...

At least 4 glasses of one night. It seems appropriate.
And necessary.

heather said...

Yeah for school starting again!!! I can't wait. I'm not even a stay-at-home mom and my poor son is driving me crazy. Love him to death, but school needs to start. Have a nice big glass of wine for me and enjoy your night.

Val said...

School? I am dreading it. More work, more crammed into a day.....ugh.

Besides...summer ending is a real bummer. Not looking forward to snow.

Anonymous said...

Do you think we can just leave them at "Sneak-a-Peak" and pick them up in June?

Hate to get back into the crazy schedule of homework and sports....but on the up side, I will get back to yoga, which is a good thing - painful, but good.

See you soon,
Kathy S.

Simple Answer said...

I wish we were neighbors.

twist said...

I guess unschooling means I have to officially abstain from commenting?

Tiffany said...

Can you be my mom? Geez. I want to come be your neighbor. We can drink wine and eat ahi tuna all day long.