Sunday, August 10, 2008


Saige's oldest and best friend is Mac. Mac has been around since birth, her mom, Lisa is one of my best friends and we have known each other since about second grade. So here's something funny, well to me....
Lisa has two other daughters. Her youngest, Riley is six and one of the sweetest children I've ever known. Then there's Katy. Katy is eight and hands down one of my favorite people. She is a character and always has been. I know sometimes she is a handful for Lisa, like when notes get sent home that says Katy told the teacher she was boring her. Or countless other Katy things, but hearing then second hand just makes me laugh.
So they are here swimming and Lisa tells me this story. They have a dog Pete. Pete has a huge yard to play in. Don't let Pete out the front door, he goes to find his neighborhood dog friends and chaos can ensue. Sure enough, the other day, all hell is breaking loose in their home and Pete gets out. Lisa spends 45 minutes getting him, apologizing to neighbors, getting their dog back in their yard and finally gets home. She comes to the door and Katy is standing there.
"I did it. I let Pete out. You can ground me, punish me, give me a gross job. Let's just get it over with." Katy says.
"OK, you can clean the litterboxes," Lisa replies.
Katy stares at her for a minute. "Listen, I have a twenty dollar bill. How 'bout I give it go you and we forget about the litter boxes." Katy bargains.
"No! That's your job, go do it." Lisa says.
Off Katy goes and Lisa goes to make dinner. About a half hour later little sweet Riley, her six year old comes running in the kitchen with a dollar in her hand, "Look, I earned a dollar." she says with a big smile and bright eyes.
"How'd you do that?" asks Lisa, already knowing.
"I got to be Katy's special helper!."
Oh yes she did.


Simple Answer said...

That girl is gonna be a millionaire by 22.

EmBee said...

Simple Answer and I think alike obviously because I was gonna say the same thing... Katy is sure to go far in the world. Love that kind of chutzpah!

MarkNYC said...

Katy and Chase would be trouble together. Rich, but so much trouble. :-)

Crazy Momma said...

That is one smart cookie!

Great story!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some love! I know, Denny Krane was one of my favorites...what to do now?

Jennifer said...

Oh what a sneak! Katy is my kind of girl!!

Thanks so much for entering my giveaway and putting me on your blogroll!! Wishing you lots and lots of luck!!

Anonymous said...

A quick update for the readers of this blog.

I am proud to announce that Azerbaijan has won a gold medal in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

It came in Judo - Men's -73kg to Elnur Mammadli. It was actually a very big upset as Elnur stunned world champion Wang Ki-chun of South Korea today.

Needless to say that the pivo (beer) and chahir (wine) will be flowing tonight!

Amy said...

Rock, Wikpedia's got nothing on you. Thank you for the update. I slept through everything this weekend. Hopefully the chahir will be flowing soon. I'm so happy Azerbaijan is getting the recognition it so deserves. You rock Rock.

Ms Picket To You said...

this makes me feel so completely normal as a parent.

Sarah said...

Riley is 6?!?.. I feel really OLD!

Ann said...

I have just finished with this page of blogs and I love your space!!!
I've enjoyed my time here.
Your blog name is so great I wish I had thought of it. Crazy, yeah. It's o.k. It just depends on the level of 'crazy', right?